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First impressions of new music to listen to while you're at lunch


September 2012

Lunch to the sound of Lynyrd Skynyrd (Last of a Dyin’ Breed; 2012)

Lynyrd Skynyrd certainly do not sound like they’re dying, but they are one of the last great Southern Rock bands. Their songwriting is clever and their guitars are still great. Interestingly, a couple of songs on this album remind me of Nickelback… probably an indication that they have been trying to make their songs more modern while hanging on to their trademark sound.


Lunch to the sound of Melissa Etheridge (4th Street Feeling; 2012)

I really like Melissa Etheridge’s music. I especially enjoy her voice, as it at times reminds me of Janis Joplin. But this album was a let down… it lacks the energy of her earlier works and is full of silly rhymes. She even uses the “shake it like a Polaroid” line in one of her songs, which to me is an indication that not a whole lot of effort was put into creating the powerful lyrics we all know she is capable of writing.

Lunch to the sound of Queen (A Night at the Opera; 1975 [2011 remaster])

This is my favorite album among all that I have ever listened to or owned. We find a variety of genres in here — from opera to country to heavy metal to ballads. The 2011 remaster brings the sound of this album to life… we can now hear details that were inaudible in previous releases. If at all possible, buy the 24-bit/48KHz version!

Lunch to the sound of Heart (Strange Euphoria; 2012)

This box set is a great compilation for fans of Heart. The number of hits that this band had and their success both during the 1970s and 1980s make this box set a nostalgic listening experience.

Lunch to the sound of John Mayer (Born and Raised; 2012)

John Mayer is a talented musician. But this album lacked the excitement of someone who wants to reach the top… I guess he probably feels like he’s already there!

Lunch to the sound of Lou Reed & Metallica (Lulu; 2011)

I thought this had all the ingredients for a huge failure, but somehow I believe that this will be looked back at as a classic. Metallica riffs with Dylan-like storytelling? What else will they think of?

Lunch to the sound of Joss Stone (The Soul Sessions Vol. 2; 2012)

A solid album by Joss Stone. Not as good as Mind, Body and Soul but probably better than her previous release (LP1).

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