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October 2012

Lunch to the sound of Diana Krall (Glad Rag Doll; 2012)

Diana Krall continues to reinvent herself. This time around her opening songs sound like the old French clubs of the 1930s, while the influence of Bossa Nova is still felt throughout the album. Her voice sounds older and is somewhat at odds with her picture on the cover art.


Lunch to the sound of No Doubt (Push and Shove; 2012)

REVISED: OK, I had to listen to this again. Something in the back of my mind kept bugging me about my first review. This is actually a very good record–it grows on you! The songs flow well and at points they sound like Gwen’s solo albums. I really enjoyed it!


No Doubt have updated their sound while retaining their signature “reggae” beat in most songs. An interesting album but not their best effort. I would even dare to say that Gwen Stefani’s solo work is better than this album… not a bad thing at all because I happen to like her records, especially the first one. Maybe this one warrants a second round of careful listening.

Lunch to the sound of Owl City (The Midsummer Station; 2012)

Owl City’s latest album is better than the last one, but I still feel like it is the kind of music that does not bring anything new to the arena… too happy sounding for me.

Lunch to the sound of Deadmau5 (>Album Title Goes Here<; 2012)

I was very curious after hearing all this talk about Deadmau5… it turns out that this is great electronic dance/house music. It reminds me a bit of ’90s club music but it also has a very ’10s bite to it. If you’re looking for this genre but want good quality and not just noise, this album is for you.

Lunch to the sound of Alanis Morissette (Havoc and Bright Lights; 2012)

It’s good to see Alanis Morissette back with her troubled lyrics, but it is sad to see how her sound is tired. Alanis’ lyrics go with powerful delivery and not with an easy going, pop stance. At times brilliant, sometimes boring, this album ranks as average and is not one of Alanis’ best.

Lunch to the sound of Aimee Mann (Charmer; 2012)

This is a good album with a clear influence by Lucinda Williams, but it also sounds like the early Sheryl Crow at times. Bluesy but also pop. Nice music to listen to while eating a barbecue sandwich!

Lunch to the sound of Band of Horses (Mirage Rock; 2012)

Is it possible to have one album that sounds at once like Simon & Garfunkel, Eagles, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan? Band of Horses apparently believe so… it’s almost as if the band decided that they would emulate a different artist on each track. I was not impressed by this one… their previous two albums were better IMHO.

Lunch to the sound of The Raveonettes (Observator; 2012)

The latest album by The Raveonettes lacks the energy and the rawness of their first works. I guess they tried to refine their sound, but in the process lost much of the fun and excitement. I was really looking forward to listening to this… bummer!

Lunch to the sound of Bloc Party (Four; 2012)

What we are witnessing here is a band changing their sound. I’m not sure if we can call this an “evolution”, but Bloc Party certainly are no longer 100% about happiness and coolness–there seems to be an edge to their songs now that was not present in previous works. Take the song “Kettling”, for instance: the first few seconds sound more like Deftones than an Indie Rock band. There is a palpable negativity ( or “darkness”?) to their songs. Maybe this is how the band is maturing.

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