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November 2012

Lunch to the sound of John Hiatt (Mystic Pinball; 2012)

John Hiatt continues to impress with his clever songwriting and great guitar work. Some songs on this album sound eerily similar to Bob Dylan… maybe because Hiatt’s voice is cracking with age. Overall great album that I could listen to multiple times.


Lunch to the sound of Flying Lotus (Until the Quiet Comes; 2012)

This album started out promisingly, then after the second track it just went downhill. Lots of noise pretending to be music. Flying Lotus, despite having several great musicians join him on this record (e.g. Thom Yorke), failed to capitalize on the influx of talent and delivered a mediocre experience.

Lunch to the sound of Flyleaf (New Horizons; 2012)

The new album by Christian rock band Flyleaf is much better than their previous works. The sound has matured, vocals are less whinny and the band at times even sounds a bit like Evanescence. If you like alternative rock with a heavy twist, you’ll like this record.

Lunch to the sound of The Wallflowers (Glad All Over; 2012)

Yesterday I listened to Bob Dylan, and today it was his son’s turn. The Wallflowers reunited for an average album that has good moments that serve as reminders of their first couple of records… but about half of the songs are fillers that one can tell were not thought through and are there just so this can be considered a full album. This has me reconsidering whether to go see The Wallflowers opening for Eric Clapton in March.

Lunch to the sound of Bob Dylan (Tempest; 2012)

Bob Dylan has returned in good form… the voice is a little clearer than on his previous album, but the lyrics are the average, politically-charged, social commentary as usual. Good album… not great for a Dylan record but… it’s Bob Dylan we’re talking about!

Lunch to the sound of Divine Fits (A Thing Called Divine Fits; 2012)

Here is an average album… the tunes are OK, the lyrics are OK, the overall band ability is OK. If Divine Fits want to succeed, they will need to step it up a bit.

Lunch to the sound of Miguel (Kaleidoscope Dream; 2012)

Miguel brings some sensitivity that is lacking on many albums of this genre. But sensitivity by itself is not enough–musicianship, energy and creativity are also vital ingredients of a successful album, and this one fails because it sounds flat and unmoving.

Lunch to the sound of Heart (Fanatic; 2012)

Heart’s new album is a treat, with nice guitar work and a modern yet retro sound that at times is similar to ZZ Top. I had the impression that Heart tried to do something different from their previous works, and in the process they re-energized the band. I especially liked the new guitar sound.

Lunch to the sound of Lana Del Rey (Paradise; 2012)

Cool — a word that describes well Lana Del Rey’s music, known to us until now through her Born to Die album. That first full-length record is one of the few from 2012 that I keep going back to… I just love her voice and the atmosphere she creates through her music. This new album is also cool, but it goes a little beyond cool in that her lyrics are more grown up now (as if the previous album were not “grown up” enough already!). Nice use of echoes, beat, and adult themes. Lana Del Rey has scored another winner with this one!

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