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December 2012

Lunch to the sound of Christina Aguilera (Lotus; 2012)

Christina Aguillera 2012 - Lotus

Christina Aguilera’s new album sounds tired and lacks focus… very different from her Bi-on-ic record. She has an amazing voice, but for some reason she now sounds nasal, screechy and muffled.


Lunch to the sound of Wild Nothing (Nocturne; 2012)

Wild Nothing 2012 - Nocturne

This album sounds very much like Echo & The Bunnymen: eighties-like beat, nice guitar work and vocals that immerse the listener in the song. Good contemporary album that brings back memories…

Lunch to the sound of Alicia Keys (Girl on Fire; 2012)

Alicia Keys 2012 - Girl on Fire
A new album by one of the best-selling artists of all time. Here we find hints of what made Keys the successful singer that she is, but we also find new collaborations that bring a new twist to her sound. This record is not my favorite by Alicia, but it is good.

Lunch to the sound of Neon Trees (Picture Show; 2012)

Neon Trees 2012 - Picture Show

Neon Trees continue their evolution but need to be careful not to follow the same path as Maroon 5: to sound like other Indie bands. The strength of this band is electronic pop, and they should stick with it… the best songs on this album are the ones driven by synths and with groovy beats. I’m glad I chose this album today–not disappointed.

Lunch to the sound of Mark Knopfler (Privateering; 2012)

Mark Knopfler’s new work is a treat to the ears during this holiday season. The careful chords, the bluesy rhythm and the laid-back vocals are all here and make for an outstanding album (a double one at that!). A nice one to get away from all the Christmas songs playing on the radio, and a good reminder that this former Dire Straits frontman still has a lot of talent.

Lunch to the sound of Papa Roach (The Connection; 2012)

Papa Roach 2012 - The Connection

I’m still not convinced that Papa Roach is a good band — they sound too common and rather noisy. With screaming vocals and constant breaks in the rhythm, you can definitely hear the influence of Linkin’ Park in this album. Not my favorite, but this album sounds better to me than the holiday music I had to listen to the last three days or so.

Lunch to the sound of Rod Stewart (It’s Christmas, Baby; 2012)

Rod Stewart 2012 - It's Christmas, Baby

This is going to be our final installment of holiday albums… I can’t take it anymore! ­čÖé ┬áRod Stewart’s Merry Christmas, Baby is a well-executed holiday record. His rendition of Blue Christmas is masterful, as is Ella Fitzgerald’s part on What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? Rod has the rhythm necessary for an entertaining and peaceful soundtrack to your Christmas, and I would recommend this one if you’re into this genre.

Lunch to the sound of Lady Antebellum (On this Winter’s Night; 2012)

Lady Antebellum’s Christmas album lacks the energy of Blake Shelton’s (reviewed yesterday). It sounds like an opportunistic record with traditional songs and very little creativity to make them different. The songs are cheery and too happy for my taste. Oh, well… why did I decide to review Christmas albums anyway?

Lunch to the sound of Blake Shelton (Cheers, It’s Christmas; 2012)

Blake Shelton 2012 - Cheers, It's Christmas

I’ll say it right away: I don’t like holiday music very much… especially commercial Christmas albums. That said, Blake Shelton’s new Christmas collection is very good. Somehow the country twist made the usually boring (at least for me) songs gain new life. His guest artists fit in well too. If you’re looking for a Christmas album, this would be a good one.

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