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January 2013

Lunch to the sound of Iris DeMent (Sing the Delta; 2012)

Iris DeMent - Sing the Delta

Iris DeMent’s new album has one major flaw: Iris DeMent is singing. Iris sounds very nasal and her range is clearly dimished. This is a great collection of songs that would sound great with just about anyone else singing them. She reminds me of June Carter Cash.


Lunch to the sound of Nelly Furtado (The Spirit Indestructible; 2012)

Nelly Furtado’s latest album was a disappointment mainly because she continues to migrate further from her roots and is hardly recognizable anymore. Her first two works were great due to her voice and the rhythms that involved the listener… her last few albums have relied on heavy bass and squeaky shrieks instead of singing. Too bad… this artist showed a lot of promise when she first came along in the early ’00s.

Lunch to the sound of Paloma Faith (Fall to Grace; 2012)

Paloma Faith 2012 - Fall to Grace

What would you get if you could mix the softness of Corinne Bailey-Rae with the rawness of Anastacia? You’d have Paloma Faith. This is a great album with great songs that have strong lyrics (great stories!) and solid performance. What strikes me here is how Paloma’s voice carries the songs and not the beat or instruments. Nice work.

Lunch to the sound of Ke$ha (Warrior; 2012)

Ke$ha 2012 - Warrior

This week is Female Artists Week at Lunch To The Sound, and the first album we are listening to is Ke$ha’s Warrior. This is an average work that at times sounds like Lady GaGa and sometimes like Nicki Minaj — but lacks the creativity and force of both. Good record for a Pop album, but not great… the songs here will not be remembered five years from now.

Lunch to the sound of Donald Fagen (Sunken Condos; 2012)

Donald Fagen 2012 - Sunken Condos

Donald Fagen’s Sunken Condos is a throwback to the ’70s disco era while attempting to sound like contemporary R&B. This mix did not work. The guitars are good, but the beats and the themes are lacking. This album has great cover art, but unfortunately the content is not up to par.

Lunch to the sound of The Rolling Stones (Grrr!; 2012)

The Rolling Stones 2012 - Grrr!

Lunch To The Sound’s 100th album is a special triple-disc collection of The Rolling Stones songs that present this incredible band’s timeless talent. It was interesting to listen to the evolution of their sound from the early Rock & Roll style to what they became only a few short years later. Throughout their career, The Rolling Stones have managed to maintain a signature sound while incorporating contemporary features. Two new songs recorded in August 2012 were included and they are vintage Stones: raw, sharp and well-executed. It’s amazing how clear Mick Jagger’s voice is. Great way to celebrate 100 albums reviewed!!!

Lunch to the sound of Tori Amos (Gold Dust; 2012)

Tori Amos 2012 - Gold Dust

What a beautiful album! Tori Amos re-recorded some of her best songs accompanied by an orchestra, and the result is musical bliss. Tori’s lyrical story-telling and piano find a perfect partner in the orchestra, making some of these songs sound even better than their original versions. If you like Tori Amos, this is definitely recommended.

Lunch to the sound of Sixpence None The Richer (Lost in Transition; 2012)

Sixpence None The Richer 2012 - Lost in Transition

Christian band Sixpence None The Richer are back with their melodic pop and easy-going sound. This album is very good, and I would dare to say it is one of their best. The vocals are tender, the musicianship is tight and the overall flow of the record shows care and craftsmanship.

Lunch to the sound of Slash (Apocalyptic Love; 2012)

Slash 2012 - Apocalyptic Love

When Slash became famous as guitarist for Guns ‘N’ Roses, he was hailed as a creative and risk-taker musician. I’m not sure that he is as creative as he used to be, but his new album is quite entertaining, especially if you miss the good sound that GNR had in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The one thing I disliked on this album was the singer… Slash should partner with a strong vocalist and not the likes he’s been hooking up with lately.

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