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February 2013

Lunch to the sound of Toro y Moi (Anything in Return; 2013)

Toro y Moi 2013 - Anything in Return

Toro y Moi’s latest album shows a band in decline, lacking creativity and energy to make new music. When they first came on the scene, their sound was fresh and vibrant… now it seems like they had to make a new album and didn’t really care how it came out. I’m very disappointed at this one!


Lunch to the sound of Ben Harper & Charlie Musselwhite (Get Up!; 2013)

Ben Harper 2013 - Get up!

I have to say that I was surprised by the quality of this album. Ben Harper’s last record was dull and lacked energy, but this collaboration with Charlie Musselwhite is really great. There are several genres here with the underlying guitar and heavy beat that give it a raw sound. This is probably my favorite Ben Harper album to date. Definitely worth a listen!

Lunch to the sound of The Lone Bellow (The Lone Bellow; 2013)

The Lone Bellow 2013 - The Lone Bellow

The Lone Bellow’s debut album provides a nice roadmap to becoming famous with a good reputation as a band: great musicianship, good variety within a single genre, and very good lyrics. I like bands that are easy-going and don’t try too hard. The Lone Bellow remind me somewhat of Mumford and Sons, but I think there is more where they came from. We’ll see.

Lunch to the sound of Wicked Wylee (Sunny Side Up; 2013)

Wicked Wylee 2013 - Sunny Side Up

Final day of “7 Days of New Oklahoma Music”: This is a very good, slow-beat Hip Hop album by Oklahoma band Wicked Wylee. I enjoyed listening to this one because the band demonstrates musical sensitivity in addition to ability. Nice atmospherics with touches of Rap and Reggae, and two cover songs that seem out of place in this album.

Lunch to the sound of Warrbuckss (The Waylon Jethro Project; 2012)

Warrbucks 2012 - The Waylon Jethro Project

Day 6 of “7 Days of New Oklahoma Music”: Warrbuckss are an Oklahoma Rap group that is talented and creative, but they have two major flaws: they don’t stick with their strength (’70s sound) and they sure like to curse. One can hear echoes of Sergio Mendes on a couple of songs, but most of them are very contemporary and lack the differential to set them apart from other bands. They need focus.

Lunch to the sound of Limp Wizurdz (Gary England EP; 2012)

Limp Wizurdz 2012 - Gary England EP

Day 5 of “7 Days of New Oklahoma Music”: Limp Wizurds are a Punk Rock band from Oklahoma that that are very irreverent. Their lyrics and execution are hilarious when they don’t go over the top with foul language. The first couple of songs are the best on this album, which is inspired by TV meteorologist Gary England, whom they call “the master newscaster.” Their depiction of Oklahoma weather journalists is too funny, and you will only understand it fully if you live here.

Lunch to the sound of T-Wils (Alter Ego; 2013)

T-Wils 2013 - Alter Ego

Day 4 of “7 Days of New Oklahoma Music”: T-Wils is a rapper from Tulsa. His music shifts between Hip Hop, Rap and Gangsta Rap. There are some elements of talent on this album, but the recording quality kills any attempt at sounding like a real studio album… one can tell the microphones were not positioned correctly. Interesting but not great.

Lunch to the sound of Dark Valley Harvesters (Seed; 2013)

Dark Valley Harvesters 2013 - Seed

Day 3 of our “7 Days of New Oklahoma Music”: Dark Valley Harvesters are a band from Oklahoma City that surprised me with their rich, mature brand of rock. The album starts out sounding like Motörhead — heavy on bass and rhythm guitar — but then migrates to a Stoner Rock that involves the listener and showcases a lot of talent in all instruments. The last few tracks can be classified as Southern Rock. This is probably the best Oklahoma album I’ve listened to in quite a while.

Lunch to the sound of MONTU (Bloom; 2012)

MONTU 2012 - Bloom

Our “7 Days of New Oklahoma Music” continues. This is an excellent album by Oklahoma band MONTU. Most of the tracks are Progressive Rock in the style of Emerson, Lake and Palmer… but others are more contemporary in rhythm and beat dominated by electronics. Here one finds great guitar work and top notch musical talent. Promising band!

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