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March 2013

Lunch to the sound of Attack Attack! (This Means War; 2012)

Attack Attack! 2012 - This Means War

Attack Attack! brings a new Punk Rock album that is noisy at first, but then mellows down and becomes more palatable. There are moments in which the band’s sound is unique, but they are rare… most of their songs are sound like many other contemporary bands. This band has the talent to create its own sound, and I’m hopeful that they will in future works.


Lunch to the sound of Parquet Courts (Light Up Gold; 2013)

Parquet Courts 2013 - Light Up Gold

Parquet Courts bring a collection of surprising tunes… you never know what is coming next! There are many styles and rhythms here, and the creativity and energy abound. If you’re looking for an album that is not monotonous and begs for your attention, look no further! This strangely named band shows a lot of promise.

Lunch to the sound of Demon Hunter (True Defiance; 2012)

Demon Hunter 2012 - True Defiance

Christian Metal band Demon Hunter’s new album has signs of multiple personalities disorder. It includes genres from very noisy, semi-Nu Metal to soft and melodic Metal Ballads, with the vocals adjusting accordingly. It’s almost as if half the band wanted to record a heavy album, and the other half of the band wanted a Hard Rock one. In any case, the poor name choice for a Christian band still buggs me somewhat.

Lunch to the sound of Atoms For Peace (Amok; 2013)

Atoms For Peace 2013 - Amok

Thom Yorke’s newest supergroup includes very talented musicians, such as Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Brazilian percussionist Mauro Refosco. The songs are innovative, fresh and very Yorkesque, with falsettos in nearly all of them. This record reminded me of the electronic phase of Radiohead.

Lunch to the sound of Bullet For My Valentine (Temper Temper; 2013)

Bullet For My Valentine 2013 - Temper Temper

This metal band from Wales continues to sound better with every new album. The Linkin Park influence is clear, but they also have their own trademarks, such as the one-finger rhythm line. Overall, an average record that shows how contemporary metal has become saturated by love-themed lyrics.

Lunch to the sound of Samantha Crain (Kid Face; 2013)

Samantha Crain 2013 - Kid Face

Samantha Crain’s new album is so peaceful… all her records follow that line, but this one is especially calm, possibly as a result of her maturing as a singer. Her Indie style combining a Björk-like delivery with semi-folk instrumentals is a real treat.

Lunch to the sound of Yo La Tengo (Fade; 2013)

Yo La Tengo 2013 - Fade

I am not a big fan of Yo La Tengo, but I have to say that this album is very good. One word that could describe this record is “calm”… another possible description is “semi-pinkfloydesque” with its moments of experimental rock. This is definitely worth checking out!

Lunch to the sound of Atlas Genius (When It Was Now; 2013)

Atlas Genius 2013 - When It Was Now

Atlas Genius has the potential to become a great band. At times they sound like an eighties group in the style of Echo and The Bunnymen, but then the magic disappears and they sound like just about any other Indie Rock band. Let’s hope they mature and realize their full potential!

Lunch to the sound of Purity Ring (Shrines; 2012)

Purity Ring 2012 - Shrines

If you could mix Hip Hop with Björk, you would probably get Purity Ring. This is a strange kind of Alternative Rock that gave me a headache after about 20 minutes. Interesting, different, but over the top with the fade-ins and fade-outs of keyboard effects.

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