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May 2013

Lunch to the sound of Deerhunter (Monomania; 2013)

Deerhunter 2013 - Monomania

Deerhunter have really done it this time: I don’t know how they could have recorded an album that sounds worse than this… it’s noisy and annoying to the point where I really did not want to listen to it anymore. But I stuck with it and got to the end… never again. This Indie Rock band has got to be among the worst in 2013.


Lunch to the sound of Rhye (Woman; 2013)

Rhye 2013 - Woman

If you like Sade, you will likely enjoy Rhye. This Alternative Rock artist has the same vibe as the older star, but I don’t think that she is quite as good. Maybe I’m not being fair comparing the two, but when you try to sound like someone else you are bound to be compared. Rhye does not sound as foreign as Sade does, though, which for some can be a good thing.

Lunch to the sound of Ashley Monroe (Like a Rose; 2013)

Ashley Monroe 2013 - Like a Rose

Ashley Moore is a new Country artist that may not be around much longer. Her songs are average and she brings nothing new to the scene. This is a so-so album that sings the same lyrics and plays the same chords as countless other Country artists.

Lunch to the sound of OneRepublic (Native; 2013)

OneRepublic 2013 - Native

Here’s a band that is flerting with a change in sound to “fit in” with the modern music scene, but can still give you glimpses of real talent here and there. OneRepublic’s new album contains flashes of the truly outstanding band that they could be… let’s hope they don’t abandon their unique style and instead focus on being a sorely needed original contemporary contributor.

Lunch to the sound of Fall Out Boy (Save Rock and Roll; 2013)

Fall Out Boy 2013 - Save Rock and Roll

What a long way Fall Out Boy have come from their earlier, Green Day-like sound, to a now semi Pop/Alternative Rock that sounds almost entirely like a different band. I’m not sure I like it, though… it’s like they devolved and are trying to be like other contemporary groups. And why would Elton John be on this album?

Lunch to the sound of Phosphorescent (Muchacho; 2013)

Phosphorescent 2013 - Muchacho

Phosphorescent has returned with a much better album than his last one. This time he is more refined, showing that he can compose music that is at the same time unique and enjoyable. He reminds me of The Flaming Lips in the late ’90s.

Lunch to the sound of Plumb (Need You Now; 2013)

Plumb 2013 - Need You Now

Christian Alternative Rock artist Plumb is back with another entertaining album that has an eighties flavor to it. What I like about Plumb is that she does not sound like “gospel” artists usually do. Her music is just as good as any other artist’s, and her lyrics are powerful and moving, whereas Christian artists tend to be missing something either in terms of lyrics or musical ability.

Lunch to the sound of Iron & Wine (Ghost on Ghost; 2013)

Iron & Wine 2013 - Ghost on Ghost

Iron & Wine’s latest album is much more energetic than their previous works–at times they even sound like late-sixties San Francisco Pop, but with a modern twist. I must say that it’s not bad, and it may be their best album to date. This one probably warrants a second round just to enjoy the fun rhythm coupled with an attitude that is missing in most bands these days. The cover contains an image that is a clear reference to Placebo’s 2003 album Sleeping With Ghosts.

Lunch to the sound of Orianthi (Heaven in this Hell; 2013)

Orianthi 2013 - Heaven in this Hell

Orianthi is back with a better effort, but still seems to be struggling to find her own style. The songs are all over the place and lack cohesion. She’s a great guitar player, but I’m not that sure she is a good musician. Maybe she’ll find her own path and focus as she matures.

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