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June 2013

Lunch to the sound of Fitz and The Tantrums (More Than Just a Dream; 2013)

Fitz & The Tantrums 2013 - More than Just a Dream

Fitz and The Tantrums are back with another happy album that leaves a 1970s aftertaste, yet has several contemporary features as well. The female background vocals, the organ, and the heavy and dragged out beat are like a journey back in time… good band!


Lunch to the sound of City Fuss (City Fuss; 2013)

City Fuss 2013 - City Fuss

City Fuss are a Brazilian band from Sao Paulo that borders on Experimental Indie. I couldn’t really find a unifying theme for this album, other than strange noises and average pop-like songs… actually, this band left me with an overall impression of purposeful annoyance.

Lunch to the sound of Stone Sour (House of Gold & Bones Part 2; 2013)

Stone Sour 2013 - House of Gold & Bones Part 2

Heavy Metal band Stone Sour’s latest album is puzzling: it is mostly boring with typical modern metal riffs, but during some moments it shows just how good this band could be. A couple of songs show glimpses of musical brilliance, only to drown moments later in a sea of sameness and boredom.

Lunch to the sound of Phoenix (Bankrupt!; 2013)

Phoenix 2013 - Bankrupt!

I was looking forward to the new album by Phoenix, a French Indie Rock band that has been very successful of late. While the band’s talent is obvious, I must say that I was somewhat disappointed by this one. The whole record seemed “flat,” as in lacking something. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something happened to this band between Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Bankrupt! that affected their overall sound… and not in a good way.

Lunch to the sound of Black Sabbath (13; 2013)

Black Sabbath 2013 - 13

This is the 200th Lunch To The Sound!!! This special occasion required a special artist with a special album, so I decided to take my time and wait until I was able to listen to Black Sabbath’s newest, 13. This fantastic band is back with Ozzy at the helm and a Doom Metal sound that showcases guitarist Tony Iommi’s riffs. I’ve heard reviewers raving over their early-seventies sound, but I think this album sounds more modern than that. Maybe the band sought inspiration from their early days, but the variety of rhythms from back then is missing. That said, it’s still a great nostalgic record that makes me wonder how many kids will start new bands based on this work.

Lunch to the sound of Robyn Hitchcock (Love from London; 2013)

Robyn Hitchcock 2013 - Love from London

Robyn Hitchcock’s album did not impress me. It’s just another atmospheric-leaning Indie Rock that lacks direction. I found myself easily distracted from it, a sign that this music lacks stickiness as well.

Lunch to the sound of Jessie Ware (Devotion; 2013)

Jessie Ware 2013 - Devotion

Jessie Ware is a Pop artist that surprised me with a good album that is well-balanced and reminds me of some of Annie Lennox’s works. Good use of bass and drums that keeps the songs fresh and avoids the repetitiveness of most Pop albums.

Lunch to the sound of Straight No Chaser (Under the Influence; 2013)

Straight No Chaser 2013 - Under the Influence

Straight No Chaser are back with their brand of Acapella Pop, but this time they are joined by several big names of pop, including Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz and Elton John. While this kind of album is not my cup of tea, I must say that I was blown away by their rendition of current generation anthem, “Some Nights/We Are Young”… very nicely and powerfully done!

Lunch to the sound of The Stooges (Ready to Die; 2013)

The Stooges 2013 - Ready to Die

Iggy Pop and The Stooges are back with their aggressive yet mellowed down Punk Rock. This is probably their first record that did not irritate me… maybe because I chose to ignore the lyrics! Age has made them sound better even though they are still rough around the edges (musically speaking). If you like this genre, you will like this album.

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