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July 2013

Lunch to the sound of Vermes do Limbo (Adeus Igapó; 2013)

Vermes do Limbo 2013 - Adeus Igapó

FIVE DAYS OF NEW BRAZILIAN MUSIC, DAY 4: Vermes do Limbo present a serving of early 1970s-sounding Proto-Prog with touches of Hard Progressive Rock. I say early 70s because back then this genre was not well developed, and bands such as Deep Purple were struggling to make their creativity work in a way that was pleasant to the ears. This album is probably the result of band members trying to imitate that period with limited success: lots of distortion, loud drums, but some coherence in the middle, something lacking from the previous band reviewed during this series.


Lunch to the sound of Coyote Indigo (Horning; 2013)

Coyote Indigo 2013 - Horning

FIVE DAYS OF NEW BRAZILIAN MUSIC, DAY 3: I apologize for the unplanned pause in the “Five Days of New Brazilian Music” series. The reason for this hiatus is that while on vacation I jumped in the pool with my iPhone in my pocket… I know, this was quite a dumb thing to do, so now the albums that I was supposed to review are on my phone that is in the freezer (a friend told me to try this if the rice trick didn’t work). Now that I am back home I was able to load my iPad with the new Brazilian albums and we are now resuming this series. Brazilian Psychedelic Rock band Coyote Indigo are noisy and dysfunctional, lacking the bit of coherence that even psychedelic bands should have. I think this band also lacks the “touch” of musical talent that would make it stand out from others in the Brazilian scene right now–bands like the Sao Paulo group Supercordas a fine example of psychedelia with the right amount of musical talent to pull it off.

Lunch to the sound of The Sorry Shop (Mnemonic Syncretism; 2013)

The Sorry Shop 2013 - Mnemonic Syncretism

FIVE DAYS OF NEW BRAZILIAN MUSIC, DAY 2: Brazilian Indie Rock band The Sorry Shop are back with an eighties-sounding album reminiscent of Joy Division and The Sisters of Mercy. Heavy on atmospherics and featuring strong bass lines, this band shows a lot of promise as they have clearly matured from their previous work. Their vocals need to be more incisive and louder, though. If you like New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen or The Jesus and Mary Chain, you’ll enjoy this one.

Lunch to the sound of Tallene (Apologia à Ostentação do Nada; 2013)

Tallene 2013 - Apologia à Ostentação do Nada

FIVE DAYS OF NEW BRAZILIAN MUSIC, DAY 1: Brazilian Metal band Tallene are a mixture of Sepultura-like vocals (in some songs) and noisy Hardcore-style riffs. I’m not a big fan of Hardcore, so to me their sound seemed not as refined and powerful as it could be… maybe if they aimed for a more Thrash Metal approach they would be more successful. Overall this is an average album.

Lunch to the sound of Goo Goo Dolls (Magnetic; 2013)

Goo Goo Dolls 2013 - Magnetic

It is hard to believe how much the Goo Goo Dolls have changed since their early days of Punk Rock. Now a Hard Rock band turning into an Alternative Rock group, they sound more “electronic” than ever before. This record was OK, but I probably won’t listen to it again.

Lunch to the sound of Willy Moon (Here’s Willy Moon; 2013)

Willy Moon 2013 - Here's Willy Moon

Willy Moon’s debut album is a mess. With vocals reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz, this artist should be able to put together a few descent songs… but that is not the case here. If there is one word that describes this album, that word is “confusing.” Each song is a mesh of disconnected rhythms and styles that don’t work together. It took a lot of effort to listen to the whole record; seriously, I almost gave up on this one.

Lunch to the sound of George Strait (Love Is Everything; 2013)

George Strait 2013 - Love Is Everything

Country star George Strait has released yet another enjoyable album that features his characteristic vocals and guitar, but this time he is accompanied in many songs by an unnamed female vocalist. I am not a big fan of Country music, but George Strait’s work is always top notch.

Lunch to the sound of Savages (Silence Yourself; 2013)

Savages 2013 - Silence Yourself

Savages are a very promising Post Punk band. They manage to sound like several bands at once: the vocals remind me of Rush, the beat is similar to The Jesus and Mary Chain, the atmospherics at times are much like Pink Floyd, and the bass/drum combination is eerily similar to New Order or Joy Division. I truly enjoyed this album and will keep Savages on my radar.

Lunch to the sound of Alice in Chains (The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here; 2013)

Alice in Chains 2013 - The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here

Alice in Chains picked up right where they left off many years go. They offer us some tasty Grunge Rock in their latest album, sounding much the same as they did before–same drawn out and overdubbed vocals, same chords, same beat. Some bands are great because you know what to expect of them, and this is the case with Alice in Chains.

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