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September 2013

Lunch to the sound of Tedeschi Trucks Band (Made Up Mind; 2013)

Tedeschi Trucks Band 2013 - Made Up Mind

Tedeschi Trucks Band are back with a better album than their previous work. This is an easy-going bluesy Rock that is a pleasure to enjoy. I rarely find myself wanting more from an album when I have reached the one hour mark for lunch, but this was the case here. If you’re looking for a good, solid album that is worth its price and can be listened to multiple times, pick up a copy of this one at your local music store.


Lunch to the sound of Primal Scream (More Light; 2013)

Primal Scream 2013 - More Light

After the overwhelming experience of seeing Metallica Through The Never yesterday, today’s Lunch To The Sound features another 80s veteran band: Primal Scream.  This is Indie Rock of an experimental kind (semi-Psychedelic) that has some cohesion but doesn’t really go anywhere. It seems like Primal Scream has never been the same since Screamadelica… success maybe cost them their talent–just as with many other bands (Nazareth comes to mind as a band that just went downhill after hitting it big with “Love Hurts”).

Lunch to the sound of Metallica (Through The Never; 2013)

Metallica 2013 - Through The Never

WOW! Today’s Lunch To The Sound was a very special one: I went to the premiere of Metallica Through The Never, a movie-concert-loud-fest of incredible sound and image. The band chose to release the work on IMAX 3D and the results were simply astounding–one can feel so close to the band as they are playing–Lars’ facial expressions and hard work at drums, Robert’s incredible ape-like bass playing, Kirk’s easy-going guitar picking and James’ amazing lead vocals while driving the songs with his guitar. The main story is just a side-story: a young man that was hired to provide logistical support for the concert is sent away to buy some gas, and all these weird things happen to him as the band plays some of their best songs. And as the songs are played, both effects on stage and the story reflect the lyrics being sung. Metallica chose very strong songs for this movie: “Master of Puppets,” “Fuel,” “And Justice For All,” etc., and the stage props were amazing… they even built a Lady Justice statue while the band played, only to have it come tumbling down at the end of the song! But what made me really like this and consider going back to see it again is the fact that this is a concert in 3D with incredibly loud high quality sound. It was simply awesome to be there as if it were a live concert but to be able to listen to the band (guitar, drums, vocals and bass) without the distortion of a live concert. Metallica proved once more that they are among the greatest Metal bands ever, and I sure hope they choose not to retire soon… I still think they have a lot of head-banging moments to provide.

Lunch to the sound of KT Tunstall (Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon; 2013)

KT Tunstall 2013 - Invisible Empire | Crescent Moon

When I first started listening to KT Tunstall’s latest album I thought to myself, “Is this Jewel?” And then the second song sounded like a Clint Eastwood western soundtrack! What happened to KT??? But as the album flowed, my acceptance level went up and I came to enjoy this new sound from a very good Pop Rock artist. We could call this genre Western Jazz–very smooth and calm. This is not an awesome album, but it is good.

Lunch to the sound of Sigur Rós (Kveikur; 2013)

Sigur Rós 2013 - Kveikur

I don’t know… maybe I just don’t get it. Iceland’s Sigur Rós is praised by some of my friends as a great, innovative and brilliant band, but I can’t seem to be able to see that. They have a very unique Electronic Indie sound that must complement the lyrics in some way, but since they are singing in Icelandic I can’t understand it.

Lunch to the sound of John Mayer (Paradise Valley; 2013)

John Mayer 2013 - Paradise Valley

John Mayer’s new album is easy going and relaxed… it sounds very southern. And I would say it is too relaxed for my taste. He has taken what he started in his previous album one step further, and created a record that sounds like any other regular artist. We know he is much better than this, but for the last couple of years he just doesn’t seem to be willing to put in the work that an outstanding album requires. Too bad.

Lunch to the sound of Vieux Farka Touré (Mon Pays; 2013)

Vieux Farka Touré 2013 - Mon Pays

This artist from Mali managed to produce a good album with nice guitar work and involving world rhythms. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but it was nice to listen to something different today.

Lunch to the sound of Sleeping With Sirens (Feel; 2013)

Sleeping With Sirens 2013 - Feel

Sleeping With Sirens’ second album is a bit noisier than the first but still has the touch of a talented band. I’m not a big fan of Hardcore, but this Indie-type post-hardcore is not that bad. This record has its better moments but also some pretty common noisy songs. It would be as hard to sleep listening to this as it would with sirens.

Lunch to the sound of Disclosure (Settle; 2013)

Disclosure 2013 - Settle

I’ll say it right away: I am not a big fan of Dance/House. For some reason this genre sounds to me like a mentally ill singer repeating the same words over and over again, ad nauseum. Disclosure are no different: the same repetitious lyrics that don’t go anywhere and make you look at your device to check how much longer you must endure that song, only to be greeted by the same thing on the next song. There are a few exceptions to this–especially when artists such as Madonna or Kylie Minogue venture into this genre… I can live with those! But this one is simply mediocre.

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