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October 2013

Lunch to the sound of Lori Greco (No Ordinary Girl; 2013)


This is a special Lunch To The Sound: I helped to finance the album! Lori Greco is a new artist that decided to use Sellaband to record her first album. Sellaband allows investors from around the world to buy shares of a new artist’s project. I have done this a few times, but this is the first Sellaband album reviewed here on Lunch To The Sound. Lori has a sweet voice that is perfect for Easy Listening music. The songs are OK but I think that unfortunately her demos sounded better than this professionally produced record. Not bad for a debut, but i had hoped for better. Let’s see how she will fare when opportunities for air time and concerts pop up.


Lunch to the sound of Jimmy Buffett (Songs from St. Elsewhere; 2013)

Jimmy Buffett 2013 - Songs from St. Elsewhere

Jimmy Buffett’s music is like a fusion of The Beach Boys, The Eagles and Bob Marley with a Country touch. If you like happy songs, this album is for you. I tend to enjoy the sadder side of music, so I was very tempted to hit the pause button several times. But I stuck with it–and am happy that I did because this type of music turns out to be a good match for lunch time.

Lunch to the sound of Jack Johnson (From Here to Now to You; 2013)

Jack Johnson 2013 - From Here to Now to You

Yes, Jack Johnson is back! He finally abandoned his electric guitar experiment and returned to acoustic guitar with an amazing album. This is the Jack Johnson that became so popular years ago, and that disappeared from the scene while he switched instruments and musical style. The slow ballads and stories are all here in a smooth album perfect to enjoy while eating lunch!

Lunch to the sound of Weekend (Jinx; 2013)

Weekend 2013 - Jinx

Weekend is a puzzling group: at times it sounds like early The Cure and Depeche Mode, or even like R.E.M.’s slow songs. This Lo-Fi band has been hailed as a great new band, but I’m not sure that it is that good. I’ll have to check them out when they release new material.

Lunch to the sound of The Fall (Singles 1987-1989; 2013)

The Fall 2013 - Singles 1987-1989

I just bought The Fall’s new box set released this year featuring 3 of their mid-to-late 1980s albums, and among the CDs included was this collection of singles from 1987 to 1989. The Fall are a British Post Punk band that is still active. They have released an incredible number of albums… I guess they were able to do so because the songs are very simple and the lyrics are amazingly short: most would probably fit in a paragraph. Lots of repetition! They were never great but there is something nostalgic about listening to an 80s band that sounds so much like the 1980s…

Lunch to the sound of AlunaGeorge (Body Music; 2013)

AlunaGeorge 2013 - Body Music

English duo AlunaGeorge’s debut album is average at best. The formula for usual Electronic Pop success is used in every track, and the album gets boring after a while. A couple of songs may be somewhat catchy, but I couldn’t wait for this one to be over.

Lunch to the sound of Placebo (Loud Like Love; 2013)

Placebo 2013 - Loud Like Love

Indie Rockers Placebo are back with another outstanding album. This band is one of my favorite groups because they always feature great musicianship with creative and clever lyrics. “My computer thinks I’m gay, so I threw it away”–at first this line may seem simple and even childish… however, under the surface lies the real message of the song rooted in real life stories. This is a nice follow-up to their 2012 EP B3.

Lunch to the sound of The Deadly Gentlemen (Roll Me, Tumble Me; 2013)

"The Deadly Gentlemen, "Roll Me, Tumble Me"

The Deadly Gentlemen are a Country band that used lots of fiddles and has a lead singer that sounds eerily like Jakob Dylan (The Wallflowers). I did not like this album; in fact, I found it very annoying.

Lunch to the sound of Suede (Bloodsports; 2013)

Suede 2013 - Bloodsports

Suede: interesting name. And they bring interesting music as well! This is an Indie Rock band with echoes of 70s and 80s bands with a lot of energy and a fresh sound that keeps the listener engaged. This is a band to watch!

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