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January 2014

Lunch to the sound of Five For Fighting (Bookmarks; 2013)

Five For Fighting 2013 - Bookmarks

Funny that I listened to James Blunt a few days ago because Five For Fighting’s lead singer sounds just like him. This Pop album is very similar in structure and execution to Blunt’s work prior to his latest record. There are echoes of Elton John as well. Good album.


Lunch to the sound of Richard Buckner (Surrounded; 2013)

Richard Buckner 2013 - Surrounded

This is a very average album with average vocals and average musicianship. Did I mention the average lyrics and the average length?

Lunch to the sound of Haim (Haim; 2013)

Haim 2013 - Days Are Gone

This was a very interesting album: the first half was very ’80s-like, whereas the second half was contemporary Indie Rock/Pop. I think if any of the first 5 or 6 songs were played during the ’80s, no one would be able to tell it was that different from what was playing on the radio back then. The latter half of the album was not as good and tended to bore me. This is definitely a band to watch as they mature their sound.

Lunch to the sound of James Blunt (Moon Landing; 2013)

James Blunt 2013 - Moon Landing

WOW! James Blunt is back with an awesome album! This was a total surprise considering his previous lackluster record. I think he listened to some Coldplay and hung out with Lana Del Rey–the songs are more vibrant, modern and fit his vocal style very well. The lyrics are still somewhat sad (a strength of his) but the rhythms are definitely more upbeat.

Lunch to the sound of Dream Theater (Dream Theater; 2013)

Dream Theater 2013 - Dream Theater

Progressive Metal band Dream Theater’s latest work is both engaging and new. With the exit of their original drummer, Mike Portnoy, the beats are different and the new drum effects bring a revitalized feel to their sound. Also different is the preeminence of guitars and the fact that Jordan Rudess’ keyboards are sounding more and more like Deep Purple. This is not my favorite album of theirs, but it is a record that seems to be ushering in a new era of creativity for this veteran band.

Lunch to the sound of My Bloody Valentine (m b v; 2013)

My Bloody Valentine 2013 - m b v

My Bloody Valentine’s latest album is not good at all. This Indie Rock band held a lot of promise but failed to deliver with a very annoying experimental-like approach that is very forgettable and lacks cohesiveness.

Lunch to the sound of Korn (The Paradigm Shift; 2013)

Korn 2013 - The Paradigm Shift

Alternative Metal band Korn have returned with an album that is in accordance with the title, The Paradigm Shift: they have changed their sound and lack some of the intensity that their previous works are known for. I’m not sure I like this, but will give them the benefit of the doubt… they’ve been around for a while and may be headed in a new and innovative direction.

Lunch to the sound of Chvrches (The Bones of What You Believe; 2013)

Chvrches 2013 - The Bones of What You Believe

Chvrches are an entertaining Synth Pop band that had me thinking of my daughters the whole time because this is the kind of music they like: lots of keyboards, change-up rhythms and mellow yet forceful vocals. Average.

Lunch to the sound of Bombino (Nomad; 2013)

Bombino 2013 - Nomad

I have one word to say about Bombino, an artist from Niger: annoying.

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