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March 2014

Lunch to the sound of Broken Bells (After the Disco; 2013)

Broken Bells 2013 - After the Disco

I was disappointed with Broken Bells’ new album, as it is clearly inferior to their previous work. Not sure what happened here, but the raw talent seems to have been focused in the wrong direction and they now sound just like any other Indie Rock band.


Lunch to the sound of Skating Polly (Fuzz Steilacoom; 2014)

Skating Polly 2014 - Fuzz Steilacoom

Skating Polly are an Indie Rock band from Oklahoma City that have been featured here before. They are a talented, young duo who are likely to develop a following for their brand of loud, rebel music coupled with a sensitivity that is uncommon for artists this young. I still have a hard time narrowing down their genre: iTunes pre-loaded their CD as Indie Rock. I guess that could be right. But there are other styles as well: I would dare say that this album is a mixture of late-seventies British Punk Rock, some Psychedelia, and mid- to late-2000s Indie Rock all in one package. The title is interesting considering that there is less “fuzz” here than in their previous works. The arrangements are more complex, as are the songs and lyrics. And both girls are more equally involved in leading the vocals, a noticeable change from their debut and follow-up records. A curious observation: as I listened to the album, I noticed how some of these songs would make great additions to teen movie soundtracks… Juno, Mean Girls, and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist came to mind.

DISCLAIMER: The band was kind to provide an autographed copy of Fuzz Steilacoom for my listening pleasure. That is much appreciated! No request for–nor promise of–a positive review was made. The opinions published here are mine; and I genuinely believe that if you like getting to know new music, you should give this album a try!

Lunch to the sound of Hard Working Americans (Hard Working Americans; 2014)

Hard Working Americans 2014 - Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans could be classified as a Southern Rock band if it weren’t for the echoes of Wolfmother, Aerosmith, and the lyrics that are the opposite of what Southern Rock bands usually sing about. This was an interesting album at times, but some songs were quite disappointing and maybe should not have been included. This could be a band to watch depending on what they decide to do in future works.

Lunch to the sound of Nine Inch Nails (Hesitation Marks; 2013)

Nine Inch Nails 2013 - Hesitation Marks

Industrial Rock band Nine Inch Nails have returned with their signature strange sound that is a mixture of Dance and Post-Punk. While strange and weird, this album is probably their best work in years and shows a level of maturity as evidenced by their restraint in not overdoing some effects and keeping vocals to a minimum a very low volumes.

Lunch to the sound of Rosanne Cash (The River & The Thread; 2014)

Rosanne Cash 2014 - The River & The Thread

Rosanne Cash’s latest album is a true Country gem. The songs are mature, heartfelt, and for the first time late Johnny Cash-like. There is some variety in terms of instruments played and tempo, but the whole album felt like an album to me and not simply a loose collection of songs. Rosanne has gotten better with time and hopefully will keep producing high quality music a while.

Lunch to the sound of John Cougar Mellencamp (Ghost Brothers of Darkland County; 2013)

John Cougar Mellencamp 2013 - Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

John Cougar Mellencamp has produced an innovative work that has a lot of potential appeal–if it weren’t for the music this would be a great album! For some reason I found myself bored with this. The ingredients for success are there: the CD comes with a little booklet written by terrormeister Stephen King; very talented guest artists; and Mellencamp’s musical ability. Maybe I’ll have to listen to it again to enjoy the way the music fits with the narrative between tracks.

Lunch to the sound of Jamie Lidell (Jamie Lidell; 2013)

Jamie Lidell 2013 - Jamie Lidell

As I listened to Jamie Lidell’s self-titled record, I felt like I had tuned into a really bad ’80s Pop radio station. I like ’80s music, but I also know there were awful Pop songs back then playing on the radio. This album was lacking in many regards and its 11 songs lasted what seemed like an eternity.

Lunch to the sound of Alter Bridge (Fortress; 2013)

Alter Bridge 2013 - Fortress

Hard Rockers Alter Bridge continue to release new music despite Mark Tremonti’s parallel work with Creed. This album was not as good as their previous works, especially their first record. Maybe the divided attention between the bands has caused a drop in quality and creativity… or maybe not. It’s not a bad album, yet I wouldn’t listen to it again if there were other things to listen to.

Lunch to the sound of Luke Bryan (Spring Break…Here to Party; 2013)

Luke Bryan 2013 - Spring Break...Here To Party

In all these years I have never listened to an album where ALL tracks mentioned drinking… until now. I guess Country artist Luke Bryan must have a drinking problem: the first 5 songs mention beer; then the rest talk about being drunk, having wine, passing out, etc. And the music isn’t even that good. What a waste of an hour.

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