Skating Polly 2014 - Fuzz Steilacoom

Skating Polly are an Indie Rock band from Oklahoma City that have been featured here before. They are a talented, young duo who are likely to develop a following for their brand of loud, rebel music coupled with a sensitivity that is uncommon for artists this young. I still have a hard time narrowing down their genre: iTunes pre-loaded their CD as Indie Rock. I guess that could be right. But there are other styles as well: I would dare say that this album is a mixture of late-seventies British Punk Rock, some Psychedelia, and mid- to late-2000s Indie Rock all in one package. The title is interesting considering that there is less “fuzz” here than in their previous works. The arrangements are more complex, as are the songs and lyrics. And both girls are more equally involved in leading the vocals, a noticeable change from their debut and follow-up records. A curious observation: as I listened to the album, I noticed how some of these songs would make great additions to teen movie soundtracks… Juno, Mean Girls, and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist came to mind.

DISCLAIMER: The band was kind to provide an autographed copy of Fuzz Steilacoom for my listening pleasure. That is much appreciated! No request for–nor promise of–a positive review was made. The opinions published here are mine; and I genuinely believe that if you like getting to know new music, you should give this album a try!