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March 2014

Lunch to the sound of Bonifrate (Toca do Cosmos EP; 2014)

Bonifrate 2014 - Toca do Cosmos EP

Bonifrate, lead singer of Brazilian group Supercordas, is back with his trademark psychedelic sound that is reminiscent of The Flaming Lips. This is a great artist who is grossly underrated. If you like slow moving psychedelia this album is for you.


Lunch to the sound of Neil Young (Live at the Cellar Door 1970; 2013)

Neil Young 2013 - Live at the Cellar Door (1970)

Neil Young is just amazing… and has been so for decades now. This newly released concert from 1970 showcases his personality and piano-playing ability. The songs sound fresh even though we have been listening to them for over 40 years now. This album is part of the Performance Series and is numbered 2.5–I guess they found the tapes after the other volumes in the series were numbered! This is highly recommended if you are a Neil Young fan.

Lunch to the sound of Ty Segall (The Sleeper; 2013)

Ty Segall 2013 - Sleeper

OK, I’m done with Ty Segall. What a terrible album! So annoying and tedious!

Lunch to the sound of Avicii (True; 2013)

Avicii 2013 - True

Swedish DJ Avicii produced a very eclectic album that is hard to define and explain. I’m still unsure whether I liked it or not, but the sheer amount of talented artists that contributed to this record should make it a very good one. Maybe there was too much variety–for instance, one song sounds like George Strait mixed with Empire of the Sun–and a lack of focus on a signature sound. I will rate it average for now.

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