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June 2014

Lunch to the sound of Pixies (Indie Cindy; 2014)

Pixies 2014 - Indie Cindy

How about that? The Pixies have returned with a very good and solid album–a little heavier than previous works–that showcases their talent and musical maturity. It is so interesting to see how this ’80s band is so at home in the contemporary Indie Rock scene. This was a fun record to listen to and one that points to a nice future for this band. If only more ’80s groups would return in such a form!


Lunch to the sound of Coldplay (Ghost Stories; 2014)

Coldplay 2014 - Ghost Stories

One of my favorite bands is back with a nicely executed album that inaugurates a new phase in their musical style. While still interlaced with their characteristic sound, Coldplay managed to create a beautiful yet quite different album that has a lot in common with Lo-Fi: minimalist beats in several songs, atmospherics that create a dazzling ambiance, and the staple falsettos that are immediately recognizable as Coldplay. The tempo in all but a couple of songs is quite slow, which caused me to remember their early works especially in Parachutes. I wonder what my impression will be after listening to this a couple more times, but my first take is that this is among Coldplay’s best albums.

Lunch to the sound of Neon Trees (Pop Psychology; 2014)

Neon Trees 2014 - Pop Psychology

Indie Rockers Neon Trees are back with their trademark sound and energetic, dancy tunes. What I like about this band is the ability they have to sound contemporary yet not cheesy like so many other contemporary bands. They are creative and talented, and much of their technique clearly comes from Coldplay (which we will review tomorrow). Interesting cover too.

Lunch to the sound of Various Artists (The Great Gatsby OST; 2013)

The Great Gatsby OST (2013)

This is the last of 2013 albums to be reviewed this year (hopefully): the original soundtrack for the motion picture The Great Gatsby is a collection of songs by several different artists, ranging from Jay-Z,, Fergie, and Florence + The Machine, to Gotye, The xx, Nero, and Beyoncé. The high point of this album (at least for me) is Lana Del Rey’s rendition of “Young and Beautiful”–a captivating performance that fits quite well with the movie. Overall, though, this is just an average album despite the plethora of big-name artists.

Lunch to the sound of Kellie Pickler (The Woman I Am; 2013)

Kellie Pickler 2013 - The Woman I Am

This was former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler’s latest album and probably her best so far. She is not out of tune as often and has learned the subtleties of emotional performing. Maybe she will be a great artist after all. Not quite there yet.

Lunch to the sound of Ana Popović (Can You Stand The Heat; 2013)

Ana Popović 2013 - Can You Stand The Heat

While listening to Ana Popović I had the impression that Tina Turner was performing the songs: the voice, the rhythm, and even the appearance all remind me of Tina Turner. This type of Blues Rock is not very common these days–a little Motown with a little Jazz that sounds happy and energetic. Good album.

Lunch to the sound of Andrea Bocelli (Passione; 2013)

Andrea Bocelli 2013 - Passione

Andrea Bocelli is always a pleasure to listen to. This album is special because it contains classic/famous songs in five different languages (his native Italian, English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). His voice is already amazing, and to think that despite being blind he can learn to sing these songs with very little accent in the four foreign languages (for him) is truly astounding. This is a nice record that was very soothing and relaxing.

Lunch to the sound of The Strypes (Snapshot; 2013)

The Strypes 2013 - Snapshot

I will try to wrap up the 2013 albums in the next few days. Today’s lunch enjoyment was brought by The Strypes, and Irish Alternative Rock band that sounds much like early ’80s Punk Rock at times. While listening to their energy and guitar play, I could tell they are young and ready to conquer the world. This may be a band to watch!

Lunch to the sound of Lana Del Rey (Ultraviolence; 2014)

Lana Del Rey 2014 - Ultraviolence

Finally! I’ve been looking forward to Lana Del Rey’s new album and it is finally here! Ultraviolence was officially released yesterday, and since I had pre-ordered it, I received it in the mail yesterday. Lana Del Rey is back with the same style that includes minimal beats, involving lyrics, and atmospherics that are simply mesmerizing. I really enjoy her songs and videos, and hope she will overcome her SNL debacle and return on a tour de force across the U.S. Ultraviolence sounds much like Born to Die but also includes a couple of songs that could be considered nods to regular Pop (but still with her own way of doing Pop). Now I’m hoping she will release a compilaton of non-album tracks so I can have them all in high quality too.

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