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July 2014

Lunch to the sound of Sleeper Agent (About Last Night; 2014)

Sleeper Agent 2014 - About Last Night

Sleeper Agent is a relatively new Alternative Rock band. Their third album, About Last Night, is evidence of their maturing and finding their niche in the Alternative Rock scene. The band is full of energy and seems to understand the moments when music requires sonic nuance. This was an enjoyable album to listen to… If you like this kind of sound, this would be a good record to add to your collection.


Lunch to the sound of Ramona Lisa (Arcadia; 2014)

Ramona Lisa 2014 - Arcadia

Electronic Pop artist Ramona Lisa’s debut album is a very interesting take on Pop music with an ’80s-like electronic background. I was surprised by this one because my expectations were very low. This is an average album that could make the Chairlift lead singer very famous; she has made a strong impression with this record and may have a successful solo career ahead of her.

Lunch to the sound of Cloud Nothings (Here and Nowhere Else; 2014)

Cloud Nothings 2014 - Here and Nowhere Else

Alternative Rock band Cloud Nothings have returned and their sound is more powerful than ever. They really kicked up a notch their energy in drums and guitar, resulting in an energetic album that is sure to entertain–if you like this style of music. This is not my favorite genre, but this is a good band.

Lunch to the sound of St. Vincent (St. Vincent; 2014)

St. Vincent 2014 - St. Vincent

Alternative rocker St. Vincent is back with another annoying album. Her collaboration with David Byrne (Love This Giant; 2012) was incredibly annoying already. This time around her songs are a little better, the rhythms and beats are less crazy, but it was really hard not to hit the forward button or even the almighty stop to end the torture. But I didn’t–after all, my pledge to you the reader is that I listen to the entire album before reviewing it here on Lunch To The Sound! So, do yourself a favor and skip this one. You’re welcome.

Lunch to the sound of Old 97’s (Most Messed Up; 2014)

Old 97's 2014 - Most Messed Up

Old 97’s are a Rock band that has a cool name… but that’s about where their “coolness” ends. The sound is so cliché that as I listened to the album I was under the impression that I had to endure an hour-long commercial. The songs are so mid-2000s and so common now that I wonder if anyone will be paying to listen to this.

Lunch to the sound of Michael W. Smith (Sovereign; 2014)

Michael W. Smith 2014 - Sovereign

Christian artist Michael W. Smith has rejuvenated his sound to mirror Coldplay and more modern bands, revamping his style of gospel-themed lyrics in a way that is sure to attract younger listeners. This album flowed naturally and did not elicit any yawns–as is usually the case with his records.

Lunch to the sound of Rascal Flatts (Rewind; 2014)

Rascal Flatts 2014 - Rewind

Country artists Rascal Flatts’ new album sounds a lot like a boy-band album. I’m not sure if by Rewind they meant to make younger-sounding music, but this was certainly the result. While they sound more energized than in recent records, they managed to let go of the things that made them a true country band. Let’s hope they go back to the basics with their next work.

Lunch to the sound of Lindsey Stirling (Shatter Me; 2014)

Lindsey Stirling 2014 - Shatter Me

New Age violinist Lindsey Stirling has returned with her brand of contemporary music that now includes effects similar to Skrillex. This second album was again very well done and musically pleasing to the ears. If you’ve never heard this artist, you’re missing out!

Lunch to the sound of Martina McBride (Everlasting; 2014)

Martina McBride 2014 - Everlasting

Country artist Martina McBride has a beautiful voice. However, she should have stayed away from ever recording this album… this is a collection of classic, widely celebrated songs that will have listeners immediately comparing Martina’s performance to the original artists. She is out of her element here, and the album pretty much lacks the energy of the originals. As a result, this turned out to be an average and very forgettable record.

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