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August 2014

Lunch to the sound of The Antlers (Familiars; 2014)

The Antlers 2014 - Familiars

Indie Rockers The Antlers’ fifth studio album continues their journey of slow and involving rhythms with nice matching lyrics. If you like Indie Rock and relaxing tunes, this is a good match for you!


Lunch to the sound of Weird Al Yankovic (Mandatory Fun; 2014)

Weird Al Yankovic 2014 - Mandatory Fun

Who would have guessed it? Weird Al Yankovic has returned full force and at the top of the charts!!! I’ve liked Weird Al since his “Eat it” and “Fat” days; I even loaded my kids’ iPads with his songs so they would know some of the ’80s classics with funny lyrics. And now Weird Al is the talk of the town again. This album was awesome! From his rendition of Lorde’s “Royals” as “Foil” to Imagine Dragons’ “Radioactive” as “Inactive,” he still has the talent with words and the musical ability to pull off some hilarious parodies. His “Mission Statement” in the style of Crosby, Stills and Nash, and “Word Crimes” in the style of “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke, are sure to become classics. If you haven’t listened to this one yet, you’re missing out!

Lunch to the sound of The Glitch Mob (Love Death Immortality; 2014)

The Glitch Mob 2014 - Love Death Immortality

Electronica band The Glitch Mob had very high hopes with a title involving some of the most important themes of human existence. But they let us down with common rhythms and beats–so common in fact that I think I could record an album like this on my little amateur keyboard. Pass!

Lunch to the sound of Thievery Corporation (Saudade; 2014)

Thievery Corporation 2014 - Saudade

Electronica group Thievery Corporation have returned to top form with Saudade, a pleasurable album full of Brazilian-inspired tunes. There are songs in French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and English to entertain a global audience with slow and groovy rhythms in Bossa-Nova, Samba, and Bolero styles. Nice work!

Lunch to the sound of Bob Mould (Beauty & Ruin; 2014)

Bob Mould 2014 - Beauty & Ruin

Bob Mould’s ’70s-sounding Alternative Rock is entertaining but not great. I’m not sure I heard talent here… just average songs performed in an average way.

Lunch to the sound of Big Head Todd & The Monsters (Black Beehive; 2014)

Big Head Todd & The Monsters 2014 - Black Beehive

Big Head Todd & The Monsters are still rocking away and producing good music. This veteran Rock band did well in waiting 4 years to release a new album… they sound fresh, their bass is still on target, and overall they seem ready to add another 30 years to their already long career. This one is worth a listen if you don’t know this band yet.

Lunch to the sound of Christina Perri (Head or Heart; 2014)

Christina Perri 2014 - Head or Heart

What better way to listen to Italian American artist Christina Perri’s latest album than enjoying some pasta at an awesome local venue? Lotsa Noodles  has a great selection of pasta, and my favorite is called Spicy Cajun. Yum! OK, enough about the food. Christina Perri’s new album is not nearly as entertaining as her debut. The songs sound very common and mainstream now, and her uniqueness is gone. I really hope she decides to go back to what made her first album such a huge hit.

Lunch to the sound of Phantogram (Voices; 2014)

Phantogram 2014 - Voices

I am always skeptical when a band chooses a name that is very cool and creative… it usually means that the music is not that good. However, Indie Rock/Alternative band Phantogram surprised me with this amazing album. Think of Phantogram as a mixture of Arcade Fire with Imagine Dragons and hints of Joy Division. Totally cool! I will definitely listen to this again and see if my feeling that this is one of the year’s best albums holds true.

Lunch to the sound of Willie Nelson (Band of Brothers; 2014)

Willie Nelson 2014 - Band of Brothers

I thought I would never say this about Willie Nelson, but “What a pleasant album!” Of all of his records (and there are many!), this is probably my favorite. This kind of Country music is so nice, peaceful and meaningful–the lyrics are as important as the melodies. I think Willie Nelson has outdone himself on this one. Recommended!

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