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September 2014

Lunch to the sound of Mariah Carey (Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse; 2014)

Mariah Carey 2014 - Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse

Mariah Carey is back with another so-so album. It appears that her golden days are long gone, and she is struggling to release the energetic and beautiful music she was once capable of. That said, her rendition of “One more try” (originally performed by George Michael) reminded me of how good a singer she is. Wow! This song alone is worth the album.


Lunch to the sound of Temples (Sun Structures; 2014)

Temples 2014 - Sun Structures

Temples are a ’70s-sounding band that features nice fuzz, hard drums, and late-’60s/early-’70s vocals. This was a welcome change of pace from previous albums and a reminder that this kind of sound is precious. It is good to see younger folks putting out this kind of music! Not all songs are great, but if you like Heavy Psychedelic Rock you’ll like this album.

Lunch to the sound of Spoon (They Want My Soul; 2014)

Spoon 2014 - They Want My Soul

Indie rockers Spoon’s newest album may mark the beginning of their decline. The songs sound old and all too common, while the musicianship is lacking the usual polish that Spoon is known for. Let’s hope this was just a slip and that their next record will be as entertaining as this band can be.

Lunch to the sound of Jenny Lewis (The Voyager; 2014)

Jenny Lewis 2014 - The Voyager

Jenny Lewis’ new album is much better than her previous works. It seems like she is finding her rhythm and her own style now, and that is good thing.

Lunch to the sound of 5 Seconds Of Summer (She Looks So Perfect EP; 2014)

5 Seconds Of Summer 2014 - She Looks So Perfect [US Tour Edition] EP

My daughter purchased the EP She Looks So Perfect by Pop band 5 Seconds Of Summer and encouraged me to listen to it. And so I did. This is another boy band with silly lyrics… but the sound was a little heavier than, say, One Direction.

Lunch to the sound of O Terno (O Terno; 2014)

O Terno 2014 - O Terno

Brazilian Psychedelic Rock band O Terno’s second album is much different from the first. Their musical style is more refined–if “refined” is the correct word–and influences from seventies bands Os Mutantes, O Terço, and Som Imaginário can be heard throughout. I’m not sure I liked this… there seems to be a disconnect between the lyrics and the music. And the lead singer is not very good.

Lunch to the sound of Linkin Park (The Hunting Party; 2014)

Linkin Park 2014 - The Hunting Party

Linkin Park has returned with another average album that is only a shadow of their early days of tremendous success and huge crowds. Their attempt to revisit the past is apparent in some of the tracks, but the early energy and novelty of their sounds are gone. That said, there are some glimpses of what Linkin Park can become in brilliant moments of instrumental rock interlaced with smooth lyrics. We’ll see.

Lunch to the sound of Kylie Minogue (Kiss Me Once; 2014)

Kylie Minogue 2014 - Kiss Me Once
Veteran Pop artist Kylie Minogue’s new album fails to reach the level of musicianship that she offered with Aphrodite. This comes as no surprise, however, as of her career is comprised of highs and lows. But her lows are not that low–even a record that is not quite as good is still entertaining and enjoyable. Kiss Me Once may not be an outstanding work, but it is still a solid Pop album. I hope Kylie will continue her fight to gain the recognition she deserves as one of the best Pop artists of all time.

Lunch to the sound of Iggy Azalea (The New Classic; 2014)

Iggy Azalea 2014 - The New Classic

If I could ignore Hip Hop artist Iggy Azalea’s bad words, this would probably be an enjoyable album. The fun rhythms and clever rapping are there, but her musical talent is obscured by the apparent need to curse and use language that will not allow me to listen to this album in front of my kids. With so many other artists out there, I see no reason to listen to this one again.

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