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November 2014

Lunch to the sound of SOHN (Tremors; 2014)

Sohn 2014 - Tremors


Newcomer SOHN has put together an interesting Electronica album that is an amalgam of various rhythms and styles, including beats from around the world. This makes the album stand out from others despite the rather childish keyboard effects and Owl City-like vocals. If you like electronic-based Pop, you will probably enjoy this album.


Lunch to the sound of Damien Jurado (Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal; 2014)


Damien Jurado continues his poppy style of Indie Rock that had me yawning after the first song. I never really liked his music… maybe that’s why it was extremely hard for me to get through his entire album. If you like slow beats and semi-whispering vocals, you may like this. These characteristics usually make for a good combination, but I find this artist simply boring.

Lunch to the sound of Lacuna Coil (Broken Crown Halo; 2014)

Lacuna Coil 2014 - Broken Crown Halo

Gothic Metal band Lacuna Coil have returned and their trend towards slower tempo and semi-romantic ballads continues. In a way, this is a good trend. The band is more palatable this way; but they run the risk of becoming another Evanescence and falling into sameness. Time will tell.

Lunch to the sound of Bebel Gilberto (Tudo; 2014)

Bebel Gilberto 2014 - Tudo

Bebel Gilberto’s newest album was a major letdown. Something seems to be off–the lyrics in Portuguese don’t match the melody, the smooth voice is gone (with the exception of a couple of songs)… she seems much older and out of rhythm for some reason. This is a shame because of her musical pedigree and privilege to keep Brazilian music playing on U.S. airwaves.

Lunch to the sound of Queen (Queen Forever; 2014)

Queen 2014 - Queen Forever

Wow. Wow. Wow! I never thought I’d have the privilege of reviewing a new Queen album here on Lunch To The Sound. This is my absolutely favorite band, and to hear three new tracks with Freddie Mercury at the helm was just too awesome for me. I had to take some time to savor this album in a way that I hadn’t in a long time… Wow. It was a very emotional experience. The first track (“Let Me In Your Heart Again”) is a true jewel, a precious lost track that only now comes to light featuring the four original band members in top form. Freddie’s voice is simply amazing and puts to shame most of today’s lead singers. “Love Kills” is a variation on a track previously released by Freddie in a solo album, but this time it has been reworked as a ballad and lacks the heavy guitars of the original version. I like both versions, but this one has the Queen flavor to it. “There Must Be More To Life Than This” is a collaboration with Michael Jackson. The leaked version of this song sounded terrible, but the final remastered version is very good… much better than I thought possible considering the quality of the original unreleased recording. The remaining 17 tracks are a collection of Queen songs that give the listener a taste of what “Forever” means to this group. I saw Queen + Adam Lambert live in July and was totally blown away by Brian May and Roger Taylor and how they managed to feature Adam Lambert in a way that still paid Freddie homage. The one obvious missing piece was bassist John Deacon, who has retired. This new album brought him to the spotlight again and reminded me that Queen is all four and all four are Queen. Forever.

Lunch to the sound of Sarah McLachlan (Shine On; 2014)

Sarah McLachlan 2014 - Shine On

Sarah McLachlan has devolved to her late-’80s/early-’90s vanilla Pop sound. Not that this album sounds like that, but the same lack of brilliance and creativity that were trademarks of her work from that period are back. After her previous album (Laws of Illusion), a brilliant and very successful piece of art, I was truly disappointed by this one. Maybe she shouldn’t take 4 years until her next release…

Lunch to the sound of Death (III; 2014)

Death 2014 - III

Protopunk trio Death has finally released their long-lost, long-sought tracks from the ’70s. This band from Detroit (not to be confused with the identically-named Thrash Metal band from Florida) became a legend with its Punk-sounding, Funk-influenced rhythms and guitars. With this album, the band solidifies its position as one of the precursors of what later became Punk Rock. The songs are not that great but do hold historical value.

Lunch to the sound of Saintseneca (Dark Arc; 2014)

Saintseneca 2014 - Dark Arc

Indie rockers Saintseneca sound like they are still in the mid-2000s, but they sound very nice nonetheless. They remind me a bit of Oklahoma band Kings Of Leon. The songs have nice changes of tempo and there is a good variety of instruments used in this album. If you like Indie Rock, this is a good one to relax to.

Lunch to the sound of Puss N Boots (No Fools, No Fun; 2014)

Puss N Boots 2014 - No Fools, No Fun

Norah Jones and her two friends have finally released their much awaited album as Puss N Boots. This is a slow-moving, electric guitar driven, Country-style compilation of easy-going songs that are relaxing and feature Norah’s smooth voice not as lead vocal but as a back-up/harmony singer and guitarist. I really like Norah Jones and this album has made me respect her even more for her multiple talents. My favorite track is a live cover of Neil Young’s “Down By The River.”

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