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February 2015

Lunch to the sound of King Tuff (Black Moon Spell; 2014)

King Tuff 2014 - Black Moon Spell

The final album on Lunch To The Sound’s Day of Black is King Tuff’s Black Moon Spell, an interesting collection of Fuzz Rock that borders on Psychedelic Rock. The songs are styled to sound like Psychedelia, and the vocals are eerily similar to those of Argentinian band Babasónicos. This was, again, “interesting” and quite entertaining. I’m not sure this band will go anywhere with this sound, but if they do I will want to listen to their new albums!


Lunch to the sound of Black Label Society (Catacombs of the Black Vatican; 2014)

Black Label Society 2014 - Catacombs od the Black Vatican

Day of Black continues with Zakk Wylde (former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist) and his Black Label Society. Well, I was expecting another eviscerating show of guitar and fast rhythms, but it seems that upon his departure from Ozzy Osbourne’s band Zakk may be more inclined to show his softer side; I guess he thinks that now he can perform songs that may be closer to what Ozzy would sound like since they’re not in the same band anymore (the similarity in sound was the main reason he was let go of that band). Anyway, I think this was a positive development. Zakk sounds more mature, nuanced, and free. The album is no longer a non-stop, in-your-face Metal extravaganza; instead, the songs seem more polished (even acoustic guitars are prominent here!) and this band may finally be free to be all that it can be. They are still a Heavy Metal band, but now may be a better one than before. I saw them live in Oklahoma a couple of years ago and they sounded great.

Lunch to the sound of Rise Against (The Black Market; 2014)

Rise Against 2014 - The Black Market

Despite all the snow outside, today is Day of Black on Lunch To The Sound, featuring albums with the word “black” in the title. Rise Against is a Punk Rock band that has been around for about 15 years. Their sound is somewhat similar to early Nickelback and is very lively. They are among the few Punk Rock bands today that are able to play this genre without being just noisy. Good album.

Lunch to the sound of White Lung (Deep Fantasy; 2014)

White Lung 2014 - Deep Fantasy

Some people have asked me, “Why ‘Day of White’?”… well, today it’s supposed to snow here in Oklahoma, and I thought that “Day of White” would be a good theme since I had four albums by bands with “white” in their names to review. So here is our fourth and final album of Day of White: Canadian band White Lung has produced a lively and energetic album that is a fine example of what Punk Rock can be. There is a certain finesse to this band as they managed to avoid being just noisy… instead, they produced music that  is reminiscent of The Runaways but at the same time they sound much more modern. Tomorrow will be Day of Black and we’ll review 3 albums that include the word “black” in their titles.

Lunch to the sound of White Hinterland (Baby; 2014)


The third album of Day of White is White Hinterland’s Baby. I’m not sure what to think about this album… the vocals were terrible, but the piano was great… some beats were cool, while others seemed off… I have to question the producer of this record and his or her approach and execution. A strange work indeed. OK, I did not like it.

Lunch to the sound of White Fence (For the Recently Found Innocent; 2014)

White Fence 2014 - For the Recently Found Innocent

Day of White continues with White Fence, a late ’60s and early ’70s sounding band that brings very good quality Psychedelic Rock to our ears. The drums and guitars are tuned to sound like we’re still living in the golden era of Psychedelia, and the keyboard-driven special effects complete this ambiance. White Fence was founded by Tim Presley (The Fall) and had this album produced by Ty Segall, a musician we will revisit in a few days.

Lunch to the sound of Motionless In White (Reincarnate; 2014)

Motionless In White 2014 - Reincarnate

It’s Day of White on Lunch To The Sound! Today we will review albums by four bands that feature the term White in their names. The first one is Motionless In White, an Industrial Metal band that shows glimpses of talent here and there but that overall fails to innovate, choosing to sound like other bands in this genre. I will keep an eye on them, though, because a couple of tracks really provided moments of brilliance that will hopefully take over their style in future works.

Lunch to the sound of The Flaming Lips (With a Little Help From My Fwends; 2014)

The Flaming Lips 2014 - With a Little Help From My Fwends

A great band releasing a not-so-great album based on a great album… This is what The Flaming Lips just did, as they reworked (or should I say, messed up?) The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This is our second weird album of the day, and the second one today that was an attempt at outdoing a classic. In my opinion, both attempts failed. This band does not need to do what they tried to do here… they are over-talented and should focus on being their original selves.

Lunch to the sound of Primus (Primus & The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble; 2014)

Primus 2014 - Primus & The Chocolate Factory

Primus have been around for a while, but their weirdness level continues to climb with each album. This one, as the title indicates, is related to The Chocolate Factory (the 1971 movie). The band apparently didn’t think the original soundtrack was good enough, and so they decided to create their own soundtrack based on the original one. Weird! But it’s not that bad… there are moments of genius here; and there are moments of sheer craziness too. If you like music that keeps you guessing what’s coming next, this is album is for you.

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