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March 2015

Lunch to the sound of Metronomy (Love Letters; 2014)

Metronomy 2014 - Love Letters

If I still had a keyboard I got from my dad in the mid ’80s, I could record this same album by Metronomy. Since I am not a musician, this gives you an idea of the level of musicianship in this record… This is probably one of the worst albums I’ve reviewed here on Lunch To The Sound so far…


Lunch to the sound of The Felice Brothers (Favorite Waitress; 2014)

The Felice Brothers 2014 - Favorite Waitress

Folk rockers The Felice Brothers try to sound like Bob Dylan, but they end up with a very annoying kind of sound that had me desperately awaiting the end of their album. Not good at all..

Lunch to the sound of Crown The Empire (The Resistance: Rise of the Runaways; 2014)

Crown The Empire 2014 - The Resistance - Rise of the Runaways

By now you already know that I am not a fan of Metalcore. Crown The Empire is like all other bands in this genre, but they also show glimpses of talent not found in other bands: the use of keyboards and different beats bring some variety to their sound. Their vocals remind me of Linkin Park sometimes.

Lunch to the sound of Phish (Fuego; 2014)

Phish 2014 - Fuego

Phish has returned with an interesting and contradictory album. The first few tracks are very pleasant and show musical maturity; the latter tracks are an attempt to be playful but the result is less than satisfactory. Too bad… this album started out very promisingly but ended on a sour note.

Lunch to the sound of The Kooks (Listen; 2014)

The Kooks 2014 - Listen

British Indie rockers The Kooks are back with an album that was quite puzzling to listen to: I kept wondering how many more rhythms they would manage to include on the same record. Some songs switch rhythms quite frequently, but the variety from song to song would seem to indicate a conscious effort to experiment and find a new path for the band. I did not like it. I don’t like their vocals, and the variety sounded more like lack of focus and direction than talented musical eclecticism.

Lunch to the sound of Bad Suns (Language & Perspective; 2014)

Bad Suns 2014 - Language & Perspective

Bad Suns is a new Alternative Rock band and this is their debut album. More of the same… nothing new here… their songs sound like Indie Rock but are also quite annoying.

Lunch to the sound of Angel Olsen (Burn Your Fire For No Witness; 2014)


Indie rockers Angel Olsen’s album is a near Lo-Fi, Post-Punk record that is involving with its slow rhythms, strong lyrics, and solid bass lines. Good effort.

Lunch to the sound of Orange Goblin (Back from the Abyss; 2014)

Orange Goblin 2014 - Back from the Abyss

Stoner Metal band Orange Goblin is back with a pleasant, involving kind of sound that keeps evolving with each album. But I’m not sure that this evolution has been good… their earlier albums were more vibrant and had more “bite”…

Lunch to the sound of Imogen Heap (Sparks; 2014)

Imogen Heap 2014 - Sparks

English Electronica band Imogen Heap has released an annoying album that seems to indicate that the band never found its groove. The songs started out very promisingly but then they fade into very basic, almost childish musicianship. I did not like this at all. As I listened to the album, I kept thinking: “I could play like that!”

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