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May 2015

Lunch to the sound of Enter Shikari (The Mindsweep; 2015)

Enter Shikari 2015 - The Mindsweep

Alternative Metal band Enter Shikari has an interesting sound that disparate styles but sound like a cohesive band. I could hear some System Of A Down and fun., and some instruments that seemingly should not be in an album like this (e.g. trumpets?). I’m not sure I really like this, but it wasn’t bad either.


Lunch to the sound of Elle King (Love Stuff; 2015)

Elle King 2015 - Love Stuff

R&B/Pop/Pop Rock artist Elle King’s debut is an interesting mix of genres that may be taken as a strategy to see what sticks and go with it. My personal preference is for the songs in which she sings as a rocker, but she has a nice R&B voice as well. We’ll see which direction she takes.

Lunch to the sound of The Districts (A Flourish and a Spoil; 2015)

The Districts 2015 - A Flourish and a Spoil

The Districts is an Indie Rock band that sounds like an Indie band. Their songs are varied but there is an underlying vibe of freedom with a sense of happiness and sadness combined. They are clearly talented but must resist the temptation to simply imitate other bands. I would rate this average but enjoyable.

Lunch to the sound of Belle & Sebastian (Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance; 2015)


Indie Rockers Belle & Sebastian have the kind of name and talent that should allow them to be much more successful than they are. But for some reason their albums always leave me with a feeling that they are just not that good. There are moments of brilliance here, but also a lot of sameness.

Lunch to the sound of Zola Jesus (Taiga; 2014)

Zola Jesus 2014 - Taiga

CLOSING OUT 2014 – This is a quick post to close out 2014 album reviews. Zola Jesus is an Electronica/Dark Wave artist that sounds strange and confused. Not sure there is talent here. AND this is the final of the Closing Out 2014 reviews. As mentioned before, I had listened to these records and written notes about them but did not have time to post them here on Lunch To The Sound. Tomorrow we start reviewing our 2015 albums (one or two per day).

Lunch to the sound of Yellowcard (Lift a Sail; 2014)

Yellowcard 2014 - Lift a Sail

CLOSING OUT 2014 – This is a quick post to close out 2014 album reviews. Rock band Yellowcard features vocals that sound like early Rush at times. They have matured since their previous album. Their drums remind me of Cozy Powell.

Lunch to the sound of Xiu Xiu (Angel Guts : Red Classroom; 2014)

Xiu Xiu 2014 - Angel Guts - Red Classroom

CLOSING OUT 2014 – This is a quick post to close out 2014 album reviews. Rock band Xiu Xiu presents a weird collection of noises… they sound like they were trying every effect on their new keyboard.

Lunch to the sound of Wye Oak (Shriek; 2014)

Wye Oak 2014 - Shriek

CLOSING OUT 2014 – This is a quick post to close out 2014 album reviews.  Indie Rock band Wye Oak sounds very amateurish. Not good at all.

Lunch to the sound of Sergio Mendes (Magic; 2014)

Sergio Mendes 2014 - Magic

The 800th Lunch To The Sound!!!! To celebrate we listened to Sergio Mendes’ latest magical work: Magic. This was a very good album with elements of both early Mendes and his sound since his collaboration with The Black Eyed Peas in Timeless. It’s amazing to me that Sergio Mendes is still productive and actively seeking to remain so after a career spanning over 50 years. Good for him–and for us!

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