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July 2015

Lunch to the sound of Brandi Carlile (The Firewatcher’s Daughter; 2015)

Basic CMYK

Brandi Carlile’s sixth studio album proves that she has been getting better with new record. Her voice is smooth and a perfect fit for this type of Country/Folk. Very nice album!


Lunch to the sound of Pops Staples (Don’t Lose This; 2015)

Pops Staples 2015 - Don't Lose This

What a great album! This posthumous release by Pops Staples is soothing and a nice example of how much talent he had. This is true R&B (old school) with fine musicianship and lots of emotion. This one I highly recommend!

Lunch to the sound of Mourn (Mourn; 2015)

Mourn 2015 - Mourn

Spanish Punk Rockers Mourn are an interesting band: they have the power and energy of The Ramones while some of their songs include features of Post Punk. Nice work that may point to a very good band as they mature.

Lunch to the sound of Jorma Kaukonen (Ain’t In No Hurry; 2015)

Jorma Kaukonen 2015 - Ain't In No Hurry

Rocker Jorma Kaukonen’s album is true to its title: he is in no hurry with the songs. All tracks are slow-moving but do not seem to drag on forever. Quite on the contrary, they are all truly enjoyable and showcase the talent of a mature musician. If you’re looking for something similar to John Hiatt, this is a good place to look.

Lunch to the sound of Sleeping With Sirens (Madness; 2015)

Sleeping With Sirens 2015 - Madness

Sleeping With Sirens have returned with a sound that makes me wonder whether they are getting older or just going back to their teens. The reason is that their vocals sound like kids now an not like the adults that they are. Really strange. I wonder what happened… are they trying to sound younger on purpose?

Lunch to the sound of Best Coast (California Nights; 2015)

Best Coast 2015 - California Nights

Indie Pop duo Best Coast’s album is very entertaining and energetic while also pointing to a certain degree of sophistication. There is variety here, something that many bands in this and related genres are not capable of… let’s watch and see where this group goes, but based on what I’ve seen in this record they are likely to be successful.

Lunch to the sound of Allison Moorer (Down to Believing; 2015)

Allison Moorer 2015 - Down to Believing

If you’re looking for a good Easy Listening album this may be it. Allison Moorer’s record has good lyrics and instrumentation… it sounds old at times but it retains a modern feel throughout. Good soundtrack for a relaxing lunch hour.

Lunch to the sound of Purity Ring (Another Eternity; 2015)

Purity Ring 2015 - Another Eternity

Canadian Electronic Pop band Purity Ring’s second album is full of joy, Electronica, and a smooth voice that is a very good fit for the instrumentation that supports it. The sound is light and worry-free… nice album to relax to!

Lunch to the sound of Halestorm (Into the Wild Life; 2015)

Halestorm 2015 - Into the Wild Life

Halestorm has returned with an album that features a substantially different sound: it’s raw, more emotional, and less refined. I’m still making up my mind about this one. I like it, but at the same time I miss the energy and “go get it” attitude of the first record. I’ll probably have to listen to this one again. For now it stands at 3 stars.

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