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September 2015

Lunch to the sound of Hilary Duff (Breathe In. Breathe Out.; 2015)

Hilary Duff 2015 - Breathe In. Breathe Out

Hilary Duff is at it again with a new Pop album that is not bad. The songs here are on par with most Pop albums these days; she even sounds like Kylie Minogue’s recent music at times. The formula of mixing EDM with boyfriend/girlfriend themes is sure to gain her some airtime… this Teen Pop genre seems to get a lot of attention these days.


Lunch to the sound of Kamelot (Haven; 2015)

Kamelot 2015 - Haven

I was really surprised by the quality of Kamelot’s Haven. This Symphonic Metal band started out strong but in recent years their musical output had been below par. This new album is full of energy, and showcases a level of maturity and musical sophistication unseen in this band for a long time. The vocals are better too. If you like this genre you will likely enjoy this record.

Lunch to the sound of Xavier Rudd & The United Nations (Nanna; 2015)

Xavier Rudd & The United Nations 2015 - Nanna

With a global flavor of Reggae, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations bring a collection of songs that are upbeat and sometimes even come close to Electronica. It seemed to me, however, that the album never really got going and that they were playing the same song over and over again. Or was it the lyrics that were so similar? Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this one.

Lunch to the sound of Aaron Watson (The Underdog; 2015)

Aaron Watson 2015 - The Underdog

For a Country album, Aaron Watson’s new release is a solid one. This is (what is now called) traditional Country with lyrics spanning traditional Country themes, such as God, guns, and girls. If you like Country, you will likely enjoy this album. For those who follow Lunch To The Sound, you know this is not my cup of tea, but I must admit that it was OK.

Lunch to the sound of Iron Maiden (The Book of Souls; 2015)

Iron Maiden 2015 - The Book of Souls

Wow! I had a feeling that Iron Maiden’s newest album would be great, so I took a gamble and bought it right away in a 24-bit high definition version. And my gamble paid off: this is an awesome record that ranks as one of their best. I can hear how they know their current stage in life and their music reflects that knowledge. For instance, the tempo has slowed down, the notes are sharper, and the vocals are set up in a way that maximizes Bruce’s (no-longer-hugely-powerful) voice. Every song on this double-album (well over an hour long) sounds like Iron Maiden and that is a great thing! I will definitely have to listen to this one again soon.

Lunch to the sound of The Mountain Goats (Beat the Champ; 2015)


Indie Rock veterans The Mountain Goats are back with an album that is much less entertaining and somewhat subdued when compared to their previous work (also reviewed here on Lunch To The Sound). The originality seems to have been phased out in favor of common chords and arrangements.

Lunch to the sound of Leon Bridges (Coming Home; 2015)

Leon Bridges 2015 - Coming Home

Leon Bridges’ debut album is a mixture of old-school R&B, Rock ‘n Roll, and Gospel. I liked it at times, but I often couldn’t wait for the song to be over. This is a mixed-bag that has a couple of good tracks, including the one that made him famous: “Coming Home.”

Lunch to the sound of Adam Lambert (The Original High; 2015)

Adam Lambert 2015 - The Original High

In celebration of Queen + Adam Lambert’s concert at Rock In Rio 2015 last night, today I listened to Adam’s new album, The Original High. Much better than his previous two albums by a long shot! He has matured as an artist and is playing to his strengths now. There is a track featuring Brian May on guitar, and someone posted today on Facebook Adam’s “Ghost Town” performed with Queen live in Sao Paulo… it sounded awesome! Last year I saw Queen + Adam Lambert in Dallas and Lambert was really good too.

Lunch to the sound of Lana Del Rey (Honeymoon; 2015)

Lana Del Rey 2015 - Honeymoon

Lana Del Rey’s newest album was released today–and as expected my CD arrived in the mail today as well. What a beautiful record! The haunting voice, the provocative lyrics, and the minimal beats are all here and sound more refined. Del Rey has grown as an artist and has produced high quality music that requires focus as one listens to it. I say this because I am usually able to read as I listen to an album, but with Del Rey I just can’t. If I’m listening to her music, I have to really listen. This album was worth the (time and money) investment!

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