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October 2015

Lunch to the sound of Hilary Hahn (Violin Concertos: Mozart No.5 & Vieuxtemps No.4; 2015)

Hilary Hahn 2015 - Violin Concertos - Mozart No. 5, Vieuxtemps No. 4

American violinist Hilary Hahn’s latest album features Mozart’s Violin Concerto No. 5 and Vieuxtemps’ Violin Concerto No. 4. published by Deutsche Grammophon (this usually means it is a high quality, well executed recording). I am a huge fan of Mozart and couldn’t wait to hear him played by Hahn, but I was somewhat disappointed. I guess her style of play did not quite fit with how Mozart is supposed to be played. As for Vieuxtemps, however, Hahn’s violin fit like a glove. This album gets 4 stars mainly due to the Vieuxtemps section that sets it apart from commonly found albums featuring the Belgian composer.


Lunch to the sound of BridgeCity (Christ Be Glorified; 2015)

BridgeCity 2015 - Christ Be Glorified

BridgeCity is a Christian Worship band that recorded a collection of classic Christian hymns but transformed them into modern, Indie Rock-sounding songs. Nice keyboards and vocals make this a good album… but not good enough for 4 stars.  If you like music that is not noisy, and like to reflect on the lyrics you are hearing, you’ll like this one.

Lunch to the sound of Blanca (Blanca; 2015)

Blanca 2015 - Blanca

Christian Pop artist Blanca’s self-titled album is better than I thought it would be. It sounds modern and even reminds me somewhat of some of the top Pop artists we hear on the radio these days. There is a good variety of rhythms, vocals, and musical styles on this record making it enjoyable.

Lunch to the sound of AWOLNATION (Run; 2015)


AWOLNATION’s second album is a feast of good quality Electronic/Indie Rock similar to Imagine Dragons. There are some good songs and lots of energy, but this could be a better album. I had the impression that the band lost steam towards the end (even though, as we all know, the tracks are not recorded in the order in which they appear on the CD). Anyway, we’ll see what this band has in store for us next time.

Lunch to the sound of R5 (Sometime Last Night; 2015)

R5 2015 - Sometime Last Night

I reviewed R5’s debut album here on Lunch To The Sound a while back, and pointed out at the time that this may be a good band for those who like One Direction but would like more diversity in sound (vocals, rhythms, etc.). I still think that… especially now that 1D no longer has Zayn Malik in their line-up. This is a good album–if you’re into this kind of music.

Lunch to the sound of Simply Red (Big Love; 2015)

Simply Red 2015 - Big Love

’80s iconic Pop band Simply Red has decided to reunite and this album is the result of that reunion. While the rhythms are pretty much what one would expect from a Simply Red album, Mick Hucknall’s voice is not nearly what it used to be: he’s hoarse, can’t hit all notes, and lacks the energy he had in the past. Even in slow ballads he has no power and seems to run out of breath. Maybe this album should not have existed after all.

Lunch to the sound of Nate Ruess (Grand Romantic; 2015)

Nate Ruess 2015 - Grand Romantic

fun. frontman Nate Ruess finally has his debut album out and about… and it is a beauty! I guess I like fun. because they are clearly influenced by Queen (pianos, rhythm and melody changes, a baritone lead singer, etc.), and Nate Ruess is at the heart of that band. He is no Freddie Mercury (in fact, he would have done well to stay away from the higher notes on some songs) but the spirit is there, as are the happiness, melancholy, and and struggles of human existence and love. I am giving this one 5 stars because I think I’ll like it even more the second time around.

Lunch to the sound of CHON (Grow; 2015)

CHON 2015 - Grow

This was a very interesting album to listen to, as it sounded very much like early- to mid-seventies Progressive Rock interspersed with some more modern effects and riffs. I enjoyed it because I tend to like the early Progressive Rock era (1968-1972). A nice treat for lunch!

Lunch to the sound of Years & Years (Communion; 2015)

Years & Years 2015 - Communion

British Electronic Pop band Years & Years sounds brilliant and mediocre in the same album. There are a couple of very good songs but then they sound like other contemporary acts; so much so that at one point I thought I was listening to The Weeknd. If you like this kind of sound, you’ll likely enjoy this album. To me it was a little annoying after the 4th or 5th song.

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