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November 2015

Lunch to the sound of Surfer Blood (1000 Palms; 2015)

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Surfer Blood are back with another average album. I guess there’s no hope for this band…. they sound OK and as an “OK band” they shall be known.


Lunch to the sound of Failure (The Heart Is A Monster; 2015)

Failure 2015 - The Heart Is A Monster

Failure is another group of veterans who decided to release a new album. These Alternative rockers put out their first album in nearly 20 years, and it’s a mixed bag. I liked some of the songs for their maturity and variety of approaches and sounds. But at the same time I felt like there is a good reason why they were away for so long… their dissonant chords get old after a while. Average.

Lunch to the sound of Skinless (Only The Ruthless Remain; 2015)

Skinless 2015 - Only The Ruthless Remain

Death Metal veterans Skinless have rejoined as a band and released their best album so far. They sound a lot like Cannibal Corpse, and their rhythm guitars and drums are their best features. This is a good album–not great but good and a solid effort by a band trying to stay relevant.

Lunch to the sound of Between The Buried & Me (Coma Ecliptic; 2015)

Between The Buried & Me 2015 - Coma Ecliptic

Now this was an interesting and almost annoying album. If I were to mix Dream Theater with Emerson, Lake & Palmer, with a touch of Death Metal, the result would be this record by Between The Buried And Me. While there are some moments of true talent and progressive sound, it seems to me like the band is still trying to find its way. I was amused by the first few songs, but then by the 5th or 6th track I was getting annoyed.

Lunch to the sound of Actress (DJ-Kicks; 2015)

Actress 2015 - DJ-Kicks

British Electronica artist Actress let me down with this one. I had heard a lot about him and was looking forward a nicely done record. Instead, this is a collection of sounds that don’t fit together, boring rhythms, and an overall sense of lack of cohesion. Not good.

Lunch to the sound of Elvis Depressedly (New Alhambra; 2015)

Elvis Depressedly 2015 - New Alhambra

Indie Rock duo Elvis Depressedly managed to create a depression-like sound that is at the same time entertaining and curious to listen to. I liked this album because their lyrics were well thought through, and the sound matches the lyrics. Also, nice use of bass, guitars, and vocals to create a melodic ambiance.

Lunch to the sound of Bob Moses (Days Gone By; 2015)

Bob Moses 2015 - Days Gone By

I did not know what to expect from this band, but was very pleased by the surprisingly good songs and overall album. Named after a famous Jazz drummer, Bob Moses is a Dance/House/Electronica group that had me hooked from the start. Their style is slow, atmospheric, and melodic… a winning combination in my book!

Lunch to the sound of Paradise Lost (The Plague Within; 2015)

Paradise Lost 2015 - The Plague Within

Paradise Lost started out as a Heavy Metal band, but now the self-described Doom Metal ensemble has really turned up their talent a notch! This album was so much better than their previous works that it almost sounds like a whole new group. I especially liked this record after the first couple of songs. The guitar riffs are dark, heavy, and slow, but there are still glimpses of their Heavy Metal heritage in there. Overall nice work!

Lunch to the sound of MS MR (How Does It Feel; 2015)

MS MR 2015 - How Does It Feel

I decided to try MS MR because I had heard someone mentioning their style of Darkwave. Well, it turns out that this is not so good after all. There are glimpses of talent here, but throughout the album the lyrics are silly, barely fit the melodies, and the songs sound like they were just put together in a hurry. Not good. I like their visual style and the sound could be much better with a better producer.

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