Welcome to Lunch To The Sound, a daily music blog that brought to you my first impressions about new music albums released between 2012 and 2015.

I love music and started my collection–first LP and cassettes, then CDs, etc.–over 30 years ago. My musical taste is very eclectic, so the album reviews posted here spanned various genres all the way from Classical and Jazz to Pop, Rock and Metal: one day I was listening to a new Blake Shelton CD, and the next I enjoyed the latest Candlemass work.

This blog started out as daily posts to Facebook. Almost every work day I had lunch either in my car or in a private/secluded office, and enjoyed taking these opportunities to listen to new albums. Around 2009 I started posting on Facebook the name of the artist and album that I had listened to during lunch. Some friends would ask me if I liked it or not, and I would do my best to answer. Then I thought: “Why don’t I do what I am doing now but in a blog format, where I can include the album cover and a paragraph or two on what I thought about the music?”… and so Lunch To The Sound was born!

Please note that just because an album is reviewed here, it does not mean that I liked it. That’s why I implemented the star system (1 thru 5, very bad to excellent). If you’re looking for a source of recommendations for music released between 2012 and 2015 to add to your collection from someone who actually listened to the whole album, this is your place. (Yes, I listened to the whole album!) Posts were short and to the point because I didn’t have much time to write and I’m sure you don’t have much time to read either.

After 1,000 reviews and the advent of Apple Music–especially after I heard they will have a 96KHz/24-bit option–I decided it was time to stop so that I could focus on listening to what I really like, and then sharing my recommendations in a different way.

One question that I got asked a lot: “Did you buy all this music?” Of course not! I used my local library where I could check out the latest CDs and listen to them in my car, and I also downloaded music from legal sites such as directly from the artist or http://www.bandcamp.com, a great source of new music from around the world posted by the artists and labels for download (either free, name your price, or straight out sale). However, I did buy several albums every month, usually in CD format because of the quality (I only listen to music in lossless format… no MP3s!); some of the albums I bought I waited to listen to them so I review them here (usually when I already liked the artist or when I knew the library would not carry a certain title); and others had been reviewed here and I liked them so much that I decided to buy them later (this is usually the case with 5-star albums). I have a particular affinity for box sets, and own a large collection of them.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the albums, and whether you chose to buy them or not–as a way to support the artists, I would strongly encourage you to buy the music you like. Your comments are truly appreciated.