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Lunch to the sound of The Ongoing Concept (Handmade; 2015)

The Ongoing Concept 2015 - Handmade

The Ongoing Concept is officially a Christian Metal band, but this sound–whatever it was–was not Metal. It was just plain weird. Lots of screaming, very little musical talent displayed, and a lack of overall unity. I’d stay away from this one.


Lunch to the sound of DJ Koze (DJ-Kicks #50; 2015)

DJ Koze 2015 - DJ-Kicks 50

DJ Koze’s newest album is a collection of disconnected sounds that some people consider Electronica or even Dance/House music. I think this sounded more like a compilation that young kids would accomplish with their cheap keyboards they got for Christmas. This was pretty bad and never seemed to get going. This genre needs energy and some kind of continuity, but the songs were all broken up.

Lunch to the sound of Four Year Strong (Four Year Strong; 2015)

Four Year Strong 2015 - Four Year Strong

Punk rockers Four Year Strong are not very good at all… just a lot of noise, lack of creativity, use of the same chords and identical sound to other bands that play this kind of music. In fact, I would probably not even categorize them as a Punk Rock band because they sound much like contemporary sub-par Metalcore bands.

Lunch to the sound of Dawes (All Your Favorite Bands; 2015)

Dawes 2015 - All Your Favorite Bands

Dawes is an Indie Rock band that clearly needs to go back to Rock school. This was just musically awful. However, their lyrics were quite good and meaningful… they just need new instrumentation, a new musical style, something that will jumpstart their sound.

Lunch to the sound of Julión Álvarez Y Su Norteño Banda (El Aferrado; 2015)

Julión Álvarez Y Su Norteño Banda 2015 - El Aferrrado

Julión Álvarez Y Su Norteño Banda was a test to my resolve to listen to the entire album being reviewed. Oh, man. This kind of music can sometimes be entertaining, but after about a minute I was ready for something else. Not good at all. Very annoying.

Lunch to the sound of Future (DS2; 2015)

Future 2015 - DS2

Future brings a very annoying kind of Rap that was barely listenable in the clean version, as every 2 or 3 words was cut due to profanity. Not fun at all. I do not recommend.

Lunch to the sound of The Gibson Brothers (Brotherhood; 2015)

The Gibson Brothers 2015 - Brotherhood

This is an eclectic blog, and after listening to Snoop Dogg I tackled award-winning Bluegrass duo The Gibson Brothers. Unfortunately, they have managed to release one of the most annoying records I have ever listened to. This album made me rethink my whole approach to this blog, and I am fairly certain that a big change is coming (more on this later). Stay away from this one. Anyway, please do not confuse this drug with a homonymous Euro Disco band from France.

Lunch to the sound of Xiu Xiu (Angel Guts : Red Classroom; 2014)

Xiu Xiu 2014 - Angel Guts - Red Classroom

CLOSING OUT 2014 – This is a quick post to close out 2014 album reviews. Rock band Xiu Xiu presents a weird collection of noises… they sound like they were trying every effect on their new keyboard.

Lunch to the sound of Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey (Going Back Home; 2014)

Wilko Johnson & Roger Daltrey 2014 - Going Back Home

CLOSING OUT 2014 – This is a quick post to close out 2014 album reviews. Legendary The Who vocalist Roger Daltrey partnered with Wilko Johnson in a very pleasant album of quality Blues Rock. Great record!

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