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2 Stars

Lunch to the sound of Ibeyi (Ibeyi; 2015)

Ibeyi 2015 - Ibeyi

This was an album that puzzled me. The Ibeyi Twins moved from Cuba to France, only to sing in English and Yoruba (a language from Nigeria, in Africa) and play a style of Soul/RB that never seemed to take off. The rhythms kept breaking up and there was no flow to the songs. I felt annoyed after a while, but wanted them to succeed as this kind of fusion is very hard to successfully execute. In the end, this was not a very good album.


Lunch to the sound of For All Eternity (Metanoia; 2015)

For All Eternity 2015 - Metanoia

For All Eternity is a Christian Metalcore band from Australia. Unfortunately, they are not very good. Their album cover caught my eye and I thought I’d give them a try… I came away unconvinced that this band was any different from most Metalcore bands: noisy, lacking cohesion, and bordering on annoying.

Lunch to the sound of Nosaj Thing (Fated; 2015)

Nosaj Thing 2015 - Fated

If you’re looking for an annoying, disconnected Electronica album, this one is for you! Nose Thing, widely known producer of several rap artists, failed miserably at this solo attempt. Not good at all.

Lunch to the sound of Alejandro Sanz (Sirope; 2015)

Alejandro Sanz 2015 - Sirope

Alejandro Sanz sounds much older now. I was never much of a fan, and continue not liking his music very much. But there are fans out there who love this guy and his style. I’m thinking it might be mainly because he sings in Spanish, but some songs are good. This album was not good, though, with songs that felt like the artist wanted them to be more energetic and fun but they turned out dull.

Lunch to the sound of Alabama (Southern Drawl; 2015)

Alabama 2015 - Southern Drawl

Veteran southern rockers Alabama are back with an album that had me yawning from the second track forward. I was never a big fan of Alabama, but this album really shows how they have aged and sound silly when compared to other Southern Rock bands. Too bad.

Lunch to the sound of Actress (DJ-Kicks; 2015)

Actress 2015 - DJ-Kicks

British Electronica artist Actress let me down with this one. I had heard a lot about him and was looking forward a nicely done record. Instead, this is a collection of sounds that don’t fit together, boring rhythms, and an overall sense of lack of cohesion. Not good.

Lunch to the sound of MS MR (How Does It Feel; 2015)

MS MR 2015 - How Does It Feel

I decided to try MS MR because I had heard someone mentioning their style of Darkwave. Well, it turns out that this is not so good after all. There are glimpses of talent here, but throughout the album the lyrics are silly, barely fit the melodies, and the songs sound like they were just put together in a hurry. Not good. I like their visual style and the sound could be much better with a better producer.

Lunch to the sound of Snoop Dogg (Bush; 2015)

Snoop Dogg 2015 - Bush

Well, I had high hopes for this one. After his fiasco becoming “Snoop Lion” and singing Reggae, Snoop Dogg has returned as a rapper (what he does best). But I could hardly hear his voice on this one… it seems as if he’s hiding behind the special effects and featured guests. There are no truly good songs here either. Very disappointing!

Lunch to the sound of Dorinda Clarke-Cole (Living It; 2015)

Dorinda Clark-Cole 2015 - Living It

Dorinda Clarke-Cole is a Grammy-winning Christian/Gospel artist, but this album cannot be representative of that caliber work. The songs were annoying, filled with cliches, and without life. I couldn’t wait for this one to be over.

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