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5 Stars

Lunch to the sound of John Moreland (High On Tulsa Heat; 2015)


This is the 1,000th and final album reviewed here on Lunch To The Sound!!!!! And what a way to celebrate this major milestone! Oklahoma native John Moreland’s High On Tulsa Heat is the embodiment of what  Lunch To The Sound was all about: discovering great new music that otherwise would remain unknown and unappreciated. This album is Americana and Country at their best with hoarse but powerful vocals, outstanding musical arrangements, and an overall emotional overtone that kept me engaged with the music throughout. I was truly looking forward to more music by the time this one was over, and that is saying a lot considering that I don’t usually like Country. Outstanding album from an artist unknown to me… I will definitely check out his other works!


Lunch to the sound of Motörhead (Bad Magic; 2015)


How appropriate that we should have scheduled to review Motörhead’s Bad Magic today! The sad news of Lemmy’s passing yesterday was somewhat diminished by the opportunity to listen to his last album, which contains lyrics and sounds not found in previous Motörhead records: words about life and death, posterity, legacy; ballads that show a more sensitive side to this band. Some critics didn’t like this one because it deviated a bit from the typical Motörhead sound, but I enjoyed it exactly because it is such a fitting tribute to this man who contributed so much to Rock in its several sub-genres. Despite his personal flaws, Lemmy Kilmister left a mark on music–and that is what most musicians strive for. RIP.

Lunch to the sound of Della Mae (Della Mae; 2015)

Della Mae 2015 - Della Mae

Della Mae is an all-female Americana band that somehow does not sound like a one-gender band. Their competent instrumentation (mostly strings) and energetic vocals give their sound a more complete, “global” flavor that sounds very American indeed. The lyrics match the music, and they avoid the trap of sounding too–or just like–Country. I like their energy throughout and that they sound like they had fun recording these songs. This is an outstanding album that deserves to be widely known.

Lunch to the sound of Goatsnake (Black Age Blues; 2015)

Goatsnake 2015 - Black Age Blues

Doom Metal band Goatsnake has returned with their third album and this one is great! I love how the slow, melodic chords are drawn out and fit so well with the vocals that are a mixture of Messiah Marcolin (Candlemass) and Ian Astbury (The Cult). The overall sound is heavily influenced by Candlemass as well, and features multiple atmospheric components that give this whole album a “doomy” feel. If you like Doom Metal with vocals that are more melodic, you’ll enjoy this one!

Lunch to the sound of Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash (A New Music City; 2015)

Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash 2015 - A New Music City

What a treat when remastering is done correctly! Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash’s A New Music City (with The Nashville Cats) is a true example of great sound recovered from old tapes and remastered in a competent manner. The songs sound clear, vivid, and very nice. The selection of tracks is amazing, including artists such as Leonard Cohen, The Byrds, Joan Baez, and Wings.

Lunch to the sound of Boz Scaggs (A Fool to Care; 2015)

Boz Scaggs 2015 - A Fool to Care

A relaxing, well-played, and enjoyable album is the result of Boz Scaggs’ latest solo work. As a guitarist for the Steve Miller Band, Scaggs defers much of his talent to the band and IMHO that band is not quite as good as he is on his own. And the fact that Lucinda Williams and Bonnie Raitt are guest artists makes this a very special album.

Lunch to the sound of Nate Ruess (Grand Romantic; 2015)

Nate Ruess 2015 - Grand Romantic

fun. frontman Nate Ruess finally has his debut album out and about… and it is a beauty! I guess I like fun. because they are clearly influenced by Queen (pianos, rhythm and melody changes, a baritone lead singer, etc.), and Nate Ruess is at the heart of that band. He is no Freddie Mercury (in fact, he would have done well to stay away from the higher notes on some songs) but the spirit is there, as are the happiness, melancholy, and and struggles of human existence and love. I am giving this one 5 stars because I think I’ll like it even more the second time around.

Lunch to the sound of Death Cab For Cutie (Kintsugi; 2015)

Death Cab For Cutie 2015 - Kintsugi

Death Cab For Cutie is one of those bands that always put out great music. Their style of Indie Rock is subdued and atmospheric with guitars that serve as a magic carpet on a musical journey. This album is no exception. They are a little older now but their sound is still awesome.

Lunch to the sound of Emile Haynie (We Fall; 2015)

Emile Haynie 2015 - We Fall

Emile Haynie’s debut album is an extravaganza of high profile guest artists who contributed much to make this an excellent and multi-faceted record. This kind of Indie Rock is mature, subtle, fresh, and well played. The fact that Lana Del Rey and Nate Ruess are in it made this an even more appealing album to me. The music contained here would be perfect for the LP format with large sleeves, foldouts, and art to look at. Instead of that we have a small and uninspiring CD insert.

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