Lunch To The Sound

First impressions of new music to listen to while you're at lunch

Lunch to the sound of Twin Shadow (Eclipse; 2015)

Twin Shadow 2015 - Eclipse

Twin Shadow is an Indie/Synth Pop band that is clearly talented. Their third album contains entertaining songs, solid musicianship, good vocals, and rhythms that keep the listener engaged with the music. I particularly like the synthesizer sounds and guitars that are used… they fit the music very well. Also, there is a melodic quality to this band that permeates every song. Very good album!


Lunch to the sound of Pitbull (Dale; 2015)

Pitbull 2015 - Dale

Cuban-American rapper Pitfall continues his top-ranked career with a new album filled with guest artists from the Latin world, making this a very “Latin-flavored” record. This may be smart on his part to avoid saturation in the Anglo-music side of his market. There is a lot of energy in this album, and all songs can get you moving fairly quickly. While this is not my favorite kind of music, I must say it was a good album with the exception of a few tracks that were a little weak in terms of beat of musical execution.

Lunch to the sound of The Ongoing Concept (Handmade; 2015)

The Ongoing Concept 2015 - Handmade

The Ongoing Concept is officially a Christian Metal band, but this sound–whatever it was–was not Metal. It was just plain weird. Lots of screaming, very little musical talent displayed, and a lack of overall unity. I’d stay away from this one.

Lunch to the sound of DJ Koze (DJ-Kicks #50; 2015)

DJ Koze 2015 - DJ-Kicks 50

DJ Koze’s newest album is a collection of disconnected sounds that some people consider Electronica or even Dance/House music. I think this sounded more like a compilation that young kids would accomplish with their cheap keyboards they got for Christmas. This was pretty bad and never seemed to get going. This genre needs energy and some kind of continuity, but the songs were all broken up.

Lunch to the sound of Houndmouth (Little Neon Limelight; 2015)

Houndmouth 2015 - Little Neon Limelight

Rock band Houndmouth’s second album was so enjoyable this icy day here in Oklahoma! The easy-going sound with smooth guitars and pleasant vocal harmonies that reminded me of the San Francisco Sound of the late-sixties to early-seventies.

Lunch to the sound of David Cook (Digital Vein; 2015)

David Cook 2015 - Digital Vein

American Idol rocker David Cook is back with a more mature but lower energy album. Some songs are very good, while most of them are just average and feel like album fillers. This guy is just starting his career and should be rocking the world away instead of seemingly taking it easy with this record. I’ll give it 3 stars because of the good songs (e.g. “Kiss & Tell”) that make this an enjoyable album.

Lunch to the sound of Courtney Barnett (Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit; 2015)

Courtney Barnett 2015 - Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Australian Indie Rock artist Courtney Barnett reminds me a bit of Joan Jett and her overall attitude when singing. Some chords Courtney uses are the same as Joan, and that also makes their sound similar to each other’s. This kind of Indie Rock is very close to Punk Rock, and it is fun to listen to. But Courtney has more dimensions to her music, and is able to slow down and be much more melodic. Good album!

Lunch to the sound of Torche (Restarter; 2015)

Torche 2015 - Restarter

Torche’s style of Stoner Metal is interesting because it almost sounds like ’90s Punk Rock. The dissonant chords and the melodic, slow riffing place it in the Stoner Rock/Metal realm, though. While I enjoy this genre, I thought this album had high points and low points too. Overall this was an average record that was OK to listen to in its entirety. I may not go for this band again, though.

Lunch to the sound of Whitehorse (Leave No Bridge Unburned; 2015)

Whitehorse 2015 - Leave No Bridge Unburned

Whitehorse delivers well-played, fun, and entertaining Folk Rock in Leave No Bridge Unburned. The style here is very easy-going that is probably more Rock than Folk, and it reflects what appears to be a very good relationship between the duo, who are husband and wife (her voice sounds like Lana Del Rey sometimes!). There is strong lyrical content here along with a musical awareness that shows through the various styles and competent play.

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